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Chinese Beauty Secrets: Your handy Guide for Clearer and Healthier Skin

For flawless skin and black straight hair, Chinese beauty tips are convenient. Other than genetic virtue, natural remedies and regular skincare rituals are the only ways to maintain healthy skin. The natural course of taking care of hair and skin is possibly one of the best tips for clear skin. And all these secrets of beauty have been passed down through the generations of Chinese women as skincare tips.

Why is Chinese beauty trending?

In a recent survey,  Chinese beauty standards have become popular and a feature of their culture. The priorities of their beauty culture include:

  • A pointed & narrow chin
  • An oval shape of the face
  • Plump lips
  • A perfect angle of the jaw

 If we dig into the history, in ancient times in China, the livelihood of a woman was determined by the possibility of finding an eligible husband; now, along with time, the value of livelihood has changed, and so has the definition of cultural beauty. A woman's appearance has excellent value in China's business and social environment. Their ideas of face type, skin texture, body image, and the central vision of how to get clear skin are what have made them a trend.

What are the best Chinese home remedies for common skin issues?

Nowadays, the secret of Chinese beauty is well in demand. Their tips for healthy skin are much more effective and easier to maintain, as they are simple to follow and understand. Few Chinese beauty tips are mentioned below as a solution to common skin issues:

  1. Herbs for Skin Condition

    Chinese skincare tips are mainly based on herbal medicine that can treat any skin issue effectively. Psoriasis, urticaria, Seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, and many other skin conditions can be treated with herbal medicines in China.

    Goji, Bei Qi, and Huang Qi are the commonly used herbs for Chinese beauty products.  You can also choose to use Ayurvedic products as they will reap the same benefits. For instance,  opt for using nourishing body lotion from Coco Soul which is entirely cruelty-free and comes loaded with the goodness of Ayurveda herbs. It keeps the skin's moisture balanced and retains its overall health.

  2. Mung Beans

    The face mask of mung beans has cooling properties to detoxify the skin. Mung is readily available in the Asian market or can be ordered through e-commercial sites. These masks are well efficient in de-puffing or healing acne. A bowl of refrigerated and refreshed soup of mung beans can also help in heat reduction.
  3. Turmeric Mask

    DIY mask of turmeric is one of the popular tips for healthy skin. The anti-ageing property of turmeric helps reduce wrinkles and keep the skin tone even. This orange root has the potential to prevent pores from clogging and is one of the most straightforward tips for clear skin. However, it is recommended to wash your face thoroughly with a good quality ayurvedic face wash from Coco Soul that has the richness of coconut, neem and other Ayurveda herbs.

  4. Jade Roller:

    Clear and maintained skin is considered to be healthy skin, and the people of China have a clear idea about how to get healthy skin. Jade roller is a component to get detoxified skin. Jade roller allows better blood circulation by opening up the meridian blockage. It targets the points of acupuncture and soothes the skin to prevent wrinkles.

  5. Wolfberries for great complexion

    Also known as Goji berries, these have almost all the answers about how to get clear skin. The antioxidants available in the wolfberry help prevent the ageing signs. It can also be added to soups or tea to promote skin health.

What lifestyle changes and treatments do Chinese people swear by for better skin?

Other than herbs and natural remedies, many lifestyle changes can be helpful as tips for clear skin. For instance, they consume a lot of Green Tea to lose weight, prevent ageing and strengthen their immune system, which can lead to younger-looking skin. Chinese women also use pearl powder for face masks to solve skin issues like irritation or inflammation and to get rejuvenated skin. 

For bright complexion and flawless skin texture, they use the paste of mint leaves. They also use natural toners for skin like rice water. Chinese people have proper knowledge about how to get healthy skin. They also maintain a healthy diet to stay physically fit. And most diets include fruits and detoxifying drinks. And avoid foods that can cause a malfunction in metabolism. 


To understand how to get clear skin, one must know that only a healthy lifestyle and proper food can bring out the best beauty in themselves. Cosmetic products with the added chemical may help initially, but for better and long-term results, it is essential to inhabit a healthy diet and natural skincare, and this is the only way Chinese women are maintaining healthy and flawless beauty for a long time.


  1. What do the Chinese eat for glowing skin?

    The way to healthy and glowing skin passes through a healthy and maintained diet. Green fruits with enriched moisture like watermelon, cucumber, celery, and pears are regular in their diet. To avoid inflammation and unnecessary heat, they also avoid deep-fried foods, alcohol, dairy products, and other spicy foods. Avoiding excessively cooling foods like iced drinks or ice cream is suitable for the sake of healthy skin.

  2. Is Rice Water Good for Skin Whitening?

    Rice water is a natural skin toner, and it contains amino acids, minerals, and vitamins to repair any skin. The primary benefits of using rice water are brighter skin, enhancing anti-ageing properties of the skin, boosting skin health, soothing irritation and sunburns, and reducing oiliness.

  3. What is a jade roller? Does it work?

    Jade Roller is an ancient tool for skincare that Chinese women have used for decades. It boosts the blood circulation in the face and makes the skin more elastic and brighter. The perfect time to use this tool is after cleaning and moisturising the skin.


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