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5 Skincare and Hair Care Essentials to Pack for a Trip to the Hills

A trip to the hill station can make some of the best memories of your life. From beautiful scenes to tantalizing mountains, everything amazes the soul. But do you know that the weather is usually cold or dry at high altitudes? So, you should be worried about this as such weather makes our skin and hair go through a test. 

But don't worry, don't stress your skin while you're on vacation. With the right skincare products, you can keep your skin healthy and enjoy your trip without any distractions. So if you're ready for your trip to hill station, then remember the key is to pack smart. Just like nature purifies the soul, you too can keep your skin and hair nourished all the time. 

What factors affect your skin and hair during a trip to the hills?

It is not easy to look fabulous all the time when travelling. We often skip the regular skincare routine, but little do we know a single breakout can turn into a terrible mistake. However, you will not be able to pack things to carry while travelling to any destination if you don't know what affects the skin and hair. So here is what you need to know :

  • Colder air- A hilly detonation means colder, drier and moist air. The cold and fresh air may feel good to you, but it may actually affect your skin badly. Humidity also has a great impact on the shape and texture of your hair. 
  • Extreme sun exposure- Direct sunlight affects the skin and hair in a hilly location. Many people are mistaken that in hilly areas, there is less sun. But you know that the sun is no less strong out there, and the UV rays can damage your hair and skin. 
  • Wind- Like the cold weather dries out the skin, the wind makes the hair rough. Also, the sun ages the hair strands prematurely, which, as a result, causes drier and curly hair, and it leads to more hair breakage. 
  • Quality of water- Another thing that affects the skin and hair while travelling is water quality. If the water contains lots of magnesium, iron and calcium, it may result in dry, dull hair and increased split ends. 

What essential products should you pack for a hill station holiday? 

While exploring new destinations, more care is needed for your hair and skin. So instead of stressing out and thinking of the caring part as a daunting task, focus and handle your hair and skin in the best possible ways. Furthermore, here are some essential things to carry while travelling:

  1. Cleanser and moisturiser- Be it tanning or rough skin, moisturizer and cleanser are appropriate skincare products. It keeps the skin hydrated and clean. 
  1. Wipe your oily skin- When travelling, our skin stimulates oil. So to keep away oily skin, you must carry wet tissues, which not only take away the oil on your skin but also give a feeling of freshness to the skin. 

  1. UV protecting hair spray- Extreme exposure to the sun can damage the hair and make them look frizzy, dry and dull. Therefore, UV-protecting sprays and creams are the best hair care products you can opt for to keep your hair protected from burning and prevent your hair from getting overheated. 
  1. Sunscreen- The cold weather makes the skin dry, but excessive sun exposure also leads to sun tanning. So to protect your skin from damage, opt for an appropriate sunscreen which comes with Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Besides, you can also carry a lip-hydrator or any lip balm to keep your lips moisturized.  
  1. Shampoo and conditioners- Worried about frizzy and dry hair? The best shampoo for dry hair is the one which is free from sulphate as it prevents extra hair drying. However, remember to condition before shampoo and also after your shampoo. Make sure you use an appropriate conditioner for dry hair like the Coco Soul Conditioner as it gives the hair the right nutrition and proteins. The best thing is that it is sulphate free and paraben free and comes with no harmful ingredients.

Furthermore, some other essential products you must carry are good quality face wash for dry skin, essential oil blends, eye masks, hair serum, sunscreen, body lotion for dry skin and much more. Try using the Coco Soul Body Lotion, which is 100% organic, packed with the Ayurvedic benefits of herbs like Sandalwood, virgin king coconut oil, and Welmi and is free from the harmful chemical effects of Paraben, Silicone, and Minerals. 

Tips to take care of your hair and skin when in the hills

Here are some additional  tips to protect your hair and skin while a trip to a hill station :

  • Direct sunlight can be harmful to the skin and hair, so use sunscreen and scarves. Besides, you can also wear lightweight UV resistant clothing to get protection from the sun. 
  • Avoid heavy makeup and hairstyling on holiday. 
  • Do not use complementary products like chemical sunscreens, harsh exfoliants, fragrances and sulphates especially if you have sensitive skin. 
  • Avoid using hot water as it damages the hair and is harsh for the body. 
  • Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Carry all the essentials for daytime, such as scarves, umbrellas, bobby pins, headbands, etc. 
  • Be it a short trip or long vacation, the most important thing is not to skip your regular hair care and skincare regime. Stick to your routine for healthy skin and hair. 


Be it any trip to any destination; it is important to do complete research on the location, climate and other factors. This will not only help you to tailor your skincare and haircare routine but will also save you from further issues. Besides, you can also seek help from experts and professionals to understand your skin type for carrying the right suited products. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I take care of my skin in chilly weather?

    The best way to take care of skin in hilly weather is to keep yourself hydrated; use the flawless face wash and face scrub combo for dry skin to get the best benefits. This combo is packed with exotic Ayurvedic herbs and free from chemical impurities.
  1. What are the preparations required to go to a hilly area during winters and summers?

    Be it in winters or summers, for hilly area vacations; it is required to take all skincare and hair care products. Also, make sure you carry a good pair of shoes, medicines, thermal water bottles, tissues, cash and important documents. 
  1. How should I take care of my hair for a hilly vacation?

    The best effective way to take care of your hair on a hilly vacation is by carrying a good conditioner for dry hair as well as an appropriate shampoo for dry hair. Try using the Coco Soul natural shampoo that comes with the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs like Kikirindiya, Godapara and virgin coconut oil with vitamin E. This shampoo is 100% organic and chemical-free so that it stops all sorts of bacterial infections on the scalp and keeps the hair natural and healthy. Besides, make sure to carry scarves, bobby pins, and headbands. 


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