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Humidity-Proof Skin Care: I Listened To My Skin!

Woman With Hydrated Skin

When dealing with humid weather, skin care using hydrating products or ingredients is a must. In other words, your skin is asking for less moisture, more water, and a little balance. In case you’re wondering how  you can listen to your skin or how to hydrate the skin, hear us out. We’ve listed some of the best skincare products for humid weather, including some DIY formulations to try this monsoon season.

Woman With Dewy Skin

How To Keep Your Skin Hydrated? Listen To It!

  • Mild Cleansing:
    Woman Washing Her Face
    The increased humidity in the environment, together with the polluted rainwater,  can trigger excess oil production. In such a situation,  save your pores! Your skin’s pores tend to get clogged easily with oil and debris, and using a cleanser that contains neem is a good way to prevent this from happening. Coco Soul’s neem, gotukola, and virgin coconut oil-enriched Natural Face Wash gently cleanses your skin. Loaded with vitamin E, this 100% vegan and organic cleanser gives you blemish-free skin!
  • Use Hyaluronic Acid :

    Hyaluronic acid is how you can hydrate skin in the best way possible. It helps your skin retain water and combats humidity. You can either use products infused with hyaluronic acid, or make a DIY mist by  mixing hyaluronic acid powder, with rose water, and virgin coconut oil. Other ways to consume this ingredient is by including potatoes and lotus root in your diet, as alternatives to bread and rice.
     Woman Spraying Face Mist
  • Moisturise Damp Skin:
    Woman Applying Body Lotion

    Talking about  skin care for humid weather, there’s one thing you should always keep in mind - stay away from  greasy products. Your skin is already damp and moisture-heavy, so choose products that hydrate it and balance out the water and oil content. You can try Coco Soul’s Nourishing Body Lotion that is rich in welmi, sandalwood, and virgin coconut oil. The lightweight texture of this moisturiser is perfect for the hydrating moisture your skin needs.
    Nourishing Body Lotion
Did you find these skin hydration tips useful for your skin? If yes, what you’re looking for is hydration-boosting skin care. Coco Soul’s natural skincare products, made with the hydrating virgin coconut oil, is a great choice for all skin types. Even if you have dry skin and are looking for humidity-proof skin care products, it is a good choice for you! You can also learn how to hydrate your hair here.


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