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Monsoon Special Skincare Routine To Keep Your Skin Flawless

As much as we love the monsoon, for making everything around us pleasant and snuggly, our skin  feels differently about this season. Why? Because it comes with its share of problems, especially for our skin. Hence, it’s essential to opt for skincare in the rainy season. 

Woman With Flawless Skin

Keeping your skin healthy and flawless is the ultimate goal of every person, after all, who doesn’t want it? I am sure, everyone!! The type of skin that makes you confident and gives that much-needed boost of energy. As the weather changes so should our skincare routine. And with the onset of monsoon, let us take a look at what you need to do along with the skincare tips you should follow. To begin with, following your skincare routine religiously during the monsoon is the number one monsoon skin care tip for you to get optimum results!

What Effect Does Monsoon Weather Have On Different Skin Types?

The increase in humidity and decrease in temperature has a lot to do with how your skin behaves.  Our skin keeps fluctuating, from becoming dry to becoming extremely oily, and to manage that according to your skin type is the challenge here. This is where a monsoon skincare routine can help you achieve flawless skin, if you practice it religiously. Remember, consistency is the key.  

Let us take a look at how monsoon affects each skin type:

Woman Concerned About Dry Skin
  • Dry skin – The monsoon is not really beneficial for people with dry skin type. The rainy season dries up your skin further and makes it appear dull and darker. It may come as a surprise, but rainwater is devoid of the natural hydrating element ‘water’. It takes away the natural oils from our skin, leaving it dry and damaged.
  • Oily Skin – If you have extremely oily skin, following a strict monsoon skincare routine is a must for you. Monsoon makes the sebaceous gland, which is responsible for secreting oil, hyperactive. This leads to an increase in oil and traps dirt that clogs the pores and bacteria in your skin. This makes your face the host of many skin problems such as acne, blackheads, and whiteheads.
  • The combination skin – People with this skin type have an oily T-zone and drier cheeks. The oiler region attracts more dirt and clog more, hence it’s important to balance the secretion of oil. Whereas, the drier region gets drier needs  more moisturisation. This shows how monsoon can change the combination of your skin and disrupt the balance of oiliness and dryness. The ultimate monsoon skin care tip is to restore the natural oil of the face.
Woman With Clear Skin Using Face Oil

So, What Is The Best Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type This Monsoon?

Your skin needs more than just cleansing, toning, and moisturising. One needs to indulge in skin care according to their skin tone, size of pores, and majorly as per their lifestyle. The key to glowing skin is also to cater to the skin issues such as fine lines, dark patches, acne, etc. As they can hinder in getting  flawless skin. We have a special  skincare routine, catering to the special needs of the monsoon, curated as per your skin type.

Oily skin -  For this type of skin, you need to keep the oil secretion in control.

  • Cleanse your skin to unclog the pores and keep the bacteria, trapped dirt, and excess oil away. 
  • Exfoliate your face to get rid of dead cells and remove oil from the pores. Using a mild scrub or abrasive kitchen ingredients such as coffee, sugar, yoghurt, honey or even green tea can also help to keep the oil glands in control. 
  • Use a facemask that will replenish your skin. You can try Multani Mitti (fuller’s earth) as it’s known to keep the excess oil out of your face. 
  • Use monsoon specific natural skincare products and go for the ones that are free from harmful chemicals. 
  • You can check out this blog on home remedies to get rid of monsoon acne to know more about the tips and remedies for monsoon, and then go about it!

Combination skin type and Dry Skin – You should go for monsoon skin care tips that can help hydrate your skin.

  • Use a hydrating cleanser that will leave your skin clean and hydrated. 
  • Keep your skin hydrated with a natural moisturiser that deeply hydrates your skin. Also, use natural moisturising agents such as coconut based oil for skin. You can try the one Coco Soul  to restore the natural oil of your skin.  
  • Using a toner is the most essential monsoon tip for the skin. Using a hydrating toner will not only moisturise your skin well but will also help your skin to effectively absorb other products.

Skincare Tips And Do's And Don'ts For This Monsoon

  • Use skin staples  – For instance, do not forget to add sunscreen to your monsoon skincare routine.  And natural scrubs that will not rid the healthy skin off its natural oil.
  • Use a face wash that is free from chemicals such as silicones, paraben, and sulphates. You can try the Coco soul natural face wash that is rich in natural ingredients such as Coconut oil, Neem, and Ayurvedic ingredients that will help you with bacterial and fungal infection but also caters to restore natural moisture and replenishes your skin deeply.

  • Add in essential serums that cater to your skin issue and fit your skin type. Make sure to use organic serums and incorporate them as your rainy season skincare routine.
  • Make sure to use vitamin C or Alpha Hydroxy Acid in your facials. This will help to get rid of excessive oil, restores natural oil, and keeps dirt and bacteria off your face. 
  • Hydrating yourself and keeping your diet clean are the ultimate monsoon skincare tips. Not just in monsoon but follow it throughout your life. Eat fresh veggies and natural fats that will help you to restore your skin.


Following a skincare routine during monsoon or any season is a must to achieve flawless skin. Being consistent with your rainy season skincare routine is going to benefit you in the long run. What goes into skin reflects on our skin, which means that glowing skin is a reflection of good health and good eating habits. 

Now that you know how to get flawless looking skin this monsoon, enjoy the rains without any worries. If you’re struggling with managing your hair, you can check out this blog on common hair care problems that you might face during this season and how  to deal with it!

Frequently Asked Questions on Monsoon Skincare (FAQs)

  1. How can you protect your skin during the monsoon?

    To begin with, protect your body from rainwater as it can wash off the natural oils and moisture from your skin.
  2. Which face wash is best for the monsoon?

    You need a face wash that is natural, mainly contains antibacterial, antifungal and anti-ageing properties and helps to restore natural oil of your face. The Coco Soul face wash is one such product that we highly recommend.

  3. Why do you need a skincare routine for the monsoon?

    As the weather changes drastically, it's essential to switch your products according to the seasonal changes of the weather and the impact it has on your skin. A tested skincare routine as per your skin type  must be followed. 


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