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Paraben-Free Face Wash: Switch To A natural, no harmful chemical Face Wash This Winter

Do you know the biggest mistake you can make with face washes? No, it's not using them for a longer time or using them more often. The worst error you can make concerning your face wash is choosing the wrong facial cleanser. While the face wash you use should be suitable for your skin, it is equally important to consider the ingredients present in them before you put any random one into the cart. Many ingredients found in a face wash can be harmful to your skin and should be avoided at all costs. Paraben is one such ingredient.

All the major brands contain parabens in their skincare and hair care products. And while sometimes they are necessary, you can very well do without them. Parabens are a class of chemical compounds that can harm your skin over prolonged use, which is why you should know about them in detail.

Here is a small guide on parabens and the benefits of using a paraben-free face wash.

What are parabens

Parabens are a set of chemical compounds that are used in cosmetic products to increase their shelf life by slowing down the growth of bacteria and molds in them. Chemical bases products containparaben' in their ingredients list. But even if they do not, that product can still contain paraben in the form of butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben, so before you pick a product, look for these words carefully.

Parabens are considered highly harmful for health and skin and today a lot of people have switched to paraben-free products. It is because parabens are easily absorbed in the skin and into the body. They can mimic estrogen hormones in the body leading to breast cancer and other carcinogenic ailments. They have also been known to affect the male reproductive system and advance ageing. Researchers have also found traces of paraben in mammal bodies known to reach them through the sewage system. Parabens in skin care can really be very troublesome.

Benefits of paraben-free face wash

While picking a face wash, you should consider the harmful effects of paraben and pick a paraben free face wash. Following are some of the benefits of a paraben-free face wash.

1. They are natural

A natural face wash is free from paraben, that is they are natural. Made from pure plant-based ingredients, they do not contain any ingredients that are manufactured in laboratories and hence are a better alternative. With an organic face wash, you can be relieved that there is nothing in the product that can harm your health or skin.

2. Not harmful to the skin

Chemical-free face wash is gentle on the skin. They contain ingredients that are safe on your skin and can boost your skin's glow. For example, most natural face cleansers contain ingredients like neem, tulsi, turmeric, etc. These not only cure your skin issues but also reveal your natural beauty.

3. You stay allergy free

An organic face wash is gentle and mild on your skin which can save you from allergic reactions like rashes, boils, irritation, and itch which usually happens with chemical-based skincare products. As parabens can harm your health, by using a natural face wash, your health is not compromised too.

4. Helps save the planet

While you shop for natural skincare products, you contribute to the betterment of the environment too. The chemicals present in your products wash off in the drains polluting the soil and water, risking the lives of animals. Moreover, the plastic containers also add up the plastic trash already polluting mother earth. Moreover, the more people switch to chemical-free face wash, the more sustainable the environment would become. Good for your skin, safe for the environment, and sustainable for the world, win-win for all. Isn't it?

greed, throwing away your paraben based face wash is a good alternative. But then what? Often it is more difficult to pick a winter face wash that not only is suitable for your skin type but also is safe and effective on your skin. For that, you need a brand that believes in the goodness of nature and hates chemicals just like you.

Coco Soul is one such brand. Coco Soul believes that nature has the solution to all your needs and natural remedies and secrets are much more effective than chemical ones. With that, we present to you chemical-free, completely natural Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash.

This natural face wash is just like a splash of pure ingredients that is made of pure coconut oil and choicest Ayurvedic ingredients. This face wash is free of chemicals and is completely safe and gentle on skin. It washes off dirt, excess oil and other impurities from your skin without any lingering dryness making your skin glowing and revitalising. It contains -

  • Virgin coconut oil - It penetrates deep into the skin layers, repairs damage and restores lost moisture.
  • Gotukala - A potent herb, it fights skin sagging by promoting collagen production and gives younger looking and glowing skin.
  • Neem - It is loaded with Vitamin E which helps in removing pigmentation and slowing down ageing.

Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash like all other Coco Soul products is free from paraben, sulphate, silicons, mineral oils, sodium chloride, petroleum and any other such chemicals. It is 100% Vegan and has not been tested on animals. Moreover, it is also certified by MadeSafe i.e. safe to be used on skin and for the environment.

Cleansing is an important and unavoidable skincare routine for beautiful and radiant skin. This is why the product you use must be safe and harmless. While chemical-based products backed by celebrity endorsements could be tempting to use, a natural face wash can prove to be more beneficial and effective in treating your skin issues and deeply cleansing your skin. So, next time you visit the supermarket to buy a winter face wash, always opt for a natural face wash, and feel relieved that you are treating your skin right. Meanwhile, head over to Coco Soul's skincare section to shop for herbal face wash and other natural skincare and hair care products.

Now it's clear that we must avoid chemical based products and use organic and natural products. To learn more about organic products read our blog on the benefits of organic skin care products.

Frequently Asked Questions On Paraben-Free Face Wash

1. What does it mean by paraben-free?

Paraben free product means not containing parabens or chemical compounds of parabens.

2. Is it good to use face wash every day?

If your face wash is natural and free of chemicals you can use face wash every day.

3. How can I clean my face naturally every day?

Use kitchen ingredients for face wash or a face wash infused with natural ingredients to clean your face every day naturally.

4. Is face wash harmful?

If your face wash contains chemicals they can be harmful to your skin.

5. Why is paraben harmful?

Parabens are harmful because they can mimic the hormone estrogen and cause cancer building cells.

6. Is Face Wash necessary?

Face wash is necessary as it cleanses your skin, which is the most important step of your skincare.

7. What should not be in a face wash?

Face wash should not contain chemicals like sulfate, silicones, paraben, sodium chloride DEA, mineral oils, petroleum, or other such stuff.

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