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5 Products You Need To Re-Create David Rose’s Apothecary At Home

Woman Applying Body Milk
Throughout the seasons, all Schitt’s Creek actors are featured in scenes at David Rose’s Apothecary, making it an essential part of character development in the show. Being a fan of the show, we’ve always wondered what an ideal David Rose skincare routine must look like and what products our favourite character uses, maybe give us actor skin care tips, if any. To re-create the apothecary’s immersive experience at home, here are 5 products that should be on your wish list. 
  1. Aromatherapy Bath Salts  

    We all know how much David loves some me-time. As he’s the writer of the character, one can naturally assume that a Dan Levy skincare routine is just as self-care inclined. The store would have all organic aromatherapy essential oils, bath salts, and diffusers to cleanse the auras for some much-needed self-care.
    Bottles Of Essential Oils

  2. Coconut & Shea Body Butter

    At the Rose Apothecary, everything is locally sourced. With a wide range of body care products featured in the show, it is evident that an organic body butter would be a bestseller on the shelves. The Cocosoul Body Butter made with 100% organic ingredients like shea butter and coconut is the one-stop hydration solution that would be a part of the actor’s skincare regime. 
     Organic body Butter
  3. Multi-purpose Coconut Balm 

    In the show, David mentions his nine-step skincare regimen, which indicates that he takes skincare very seriously. To take the day’s build-up off, a coconut balm is essential for hydration of the skin. One such product we highly recommend is The Coco Soul Coconut Melt Balm which acts as an organic makeup remover and a hair mask that heals and nourishes the skin. You can read all about the benefits of cleansing balms here.
    Melt Balm for Skin
  4. Organic Hair Care 

    We all know how particular David is about what he puts on his skin, especially since he’s vegan. The importance of cruelty-free and chemical-free products is heavily mentioned in the show. That’s why Coco Soul Organic Hair and Scalp Cleanser and conditioner is what you need to understand the ideology behind David’s organic-focused apothecary.
    Organic Shampoo

  5. Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil 

    Natural Coconut Oil

    We can bet one of the
    top skincare products in Dan Levy skincare that dons the shelves of Rose Apothecary is locally sourced organic cold-pressed coconut oil. Used for 100% vegan-friendly consumption, skincare, and full of nutrients, this is one product David would swear by. The closest product to this would be the organic Cocosoul Virgin Coconut Oil, which has nothing but goodness! 


    ‘Schitt's Creek’ is a fictional town featured in the popular show of the same name. In case you haven’t seen the show yet, here’s a quick synopsis about the series. Creator and producer Dan Levy made this five-season-long joyful show, about a man named David Rose (played by Dan himself)  who whines about moving to a small town.  The character then opens his luxury wellness store that sells locally-sourced rebranded items. Named ‘Rose Apothecary’, the store sells local items and crafts like skincare, body care, wine, cheese and other produce. In David’s own words,” It’s more like a branded immersive experience.” 

    In an interview with Bon Appetit, Dan Levy mentioned how his favourite part of writing the script was to pick all the different things David sells at his store. No wonder each one of Schitt’s Creek actors looks fabulous and we would love to know the skincare secrets they hold!   


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