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7 Must-Have Skincare & Hair Care Essentials to Pack for Your Next Trip

Be it you're a wanderlust or travelling for the first time, it is always beneficial to do a travel checklist to ensure you don't forget anything. And when it comes to a smooth trip, do not forget your essentials.

So just like planning for shoes, clothes is important, it is also important to pay attention to other things to carry while travelling, such as skin and hair care products.

What happens to your skin while travelling for long periods of time?

Simply put, travelling dehydrates and potentially damages the skin, especially when no proper travel skincare is maintained. While travelling for long periods, the skin gets dry and dehydrated. On the other hand, day travelling causes skin tanning and ageing due to extreme sun exposure. 

No doubt, long days of travel can have a negative effect on the skin. But it doesn't end here; it also ruins the hair in a big way. So make sure you don't miss out on your hair care essentials while travelling.

Haircare and skincare products checklist for a holiday 

Are you worried about your skin and hair health getting affected during your next trip? Keep your worries aside and leave the stress behind, as you have all the chances of grabbing some best hair care and travel-size skincare products to choose from for your next trip.

  • Sunscreen
  • Be it beaches or hilly areas; sunscreens are the best travel skincare buddy. Be it any shade or tone of skin; sunscreen is always a lifesaver against the sun. An appropriate sunscreen will protect the skin from tanning or reduce ageing and decrease the risk of skin cancer.

  • Face Wash and Cleanser
  • While travelling, our skin attracts a lot of dirt and dust, which damages our overall skin and hair health. So carry skincare essentials like a good quality face wash or cleanser. A cleanser will wash out all the dirt and keep your skin fresh. 

  • Toners
  • If you experience oily skin while travelling, toners are the right travel-size skincare products. They naturally keep the skin clean and soothing. Besides, they also help clean the makeup residues and environmental impurities. You can save your skin health from pigmentation and breakouts while travelling with a good facial toner. 

  • Hair Serum 
  • Are you searching for ways to protect your hair while travelling? Opting for a hair serum is a great hair care essential that revives the strands and repairs the scalp and hair follicles damages if any. So choose a good quality hair serum to provide nourishment to your hair along with reducing breakage. 

  • Moisturisers and lip balm
  • Among all skincare essentials, the most crucial product is a moisturising cream as it helps in keeping the skin moisturised, hydrated and nourished. So, using moisturiser a night before travel will save your skin from all weather conditions. Besides, you can also use lip balms to keep your lips hydrated. 

  • Carrier oils 
  • Another great travel-size skincare product includes carrier oils. It boosts the immune system and keeps you feeling fresh and awake. Isn't it great to feel energised throughout your vacation? Besides, travelling with the right oil also gives a peaceful night's sleep. Try using the Tea Tree Oil as it comes with multiple uses.You can also use the body lotion from Coco Soul that brings you the fresh form of coconut based oil, extracted from the farms, with no chemical impurities or minerals present in it. 

  • Shampoo & Conditioners
  • Conditioning your hair is a must and if you think carrying a conditioner while travelling is a wrong decision, be ready for rough, curly, and dry hair. Just like skin, hair too needs special care. So to protect your hair from breakage and prevent weak hair strands, make use of the right shampoo and conditioners. To receive the utmost benefits, choose the Ayurvedic shampoo from the house of CocoSoul. The shampoo is 100% organic and equipped with the benefits of virgin king coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs like Kikirindiya and Godapara. This shampoo is purely Ayurvedic, vegan and free from all sorts of chemical impurities to keep your scalp always clean, soft, and dandruff-proof. 

    Easy ways to organise your cosmetics on holidays

    Are you a big makeup fan? Worried about how you will carry your makeup products while travelling?  Check out some of the best ways to organise your makeup collection :

    • Take stock of your collection- Firstly, go through all your makeup products and sort your cosmetics by category. Now select the ones you want to keep for your vacation.
    • Keep it simple- Bringing everything on a holiday trip is not a good idea. Be it skincare essentials like tones, wipes, sunscreens or travel haircare essentials like hair serum or hair spray, make sure to keep things simple. Remember minimalist packing minimizes travel stress. 
    • Opt for travel-sized- Can't find travel-sized versions for your things to carry while travelling? Opt for smaller bottles or containers with rounded corners as they are easy to clean as well as give enough space to keep products. 
    • Save space- Another best strategy for organising a travel makeup bag is to take small plastics to keep makeup tools and products as it consumes less space. 


    Be it any short trip or a long vacation, beaches or hilly areas, make sure you give your skin and hair proper attention before as well as throughout the break. So instead of making your skin suffer, carry all the necessary travel-size skincare products to focus on an incredible holiday. Besides, before heading out, you can seek help from professionals about your skin type and then follow any skin care and hair care regime. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I pack my beauty products for travel?

      The best way of packing travel hair care and beauty products while travelling is by carrying multi-tasking products, placing makeup bags in the centre of the suitcase and transferring products into smaller cases. 
    1. What do you really need in a skincare routine while travelling?

      The skincare travel essentials to carry include moisturisers, cleaners, facewash, wipes, toners and sunscreen. 
    1. How do I prepare my skin for travel? 

      The best way to prepare your skin for travel is by packing appropriate and essential skincare products. Besides, one must keep up with healthy habits, avoid harmful UV rays, maintain hydration and clean the skin regularly. 


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