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10 Travel Skincare Hacks to Flaunt Healthy, Glowing Skin on Your Next Vacation

Travelling is all about fun and freedom. Isn't it? But sometimes people are so caught up in the fun that they totally ignore their skin and end up getting irritated. Without any doubt, it is true that travelling takes a toll on your skin, but this doesn't mean one should avoid skincare while travelling. 

As the changing temperature and junk food are among the factors that contribute to skin damage while travelling, one must surely follow a vacation skincare routine. Wondering how to take care of your skin while on the go? So if you want to keep your skin smooth, hydrated, radiant and overall healthy while travelling then the only best option is to follow a proper vacation skincare routine. And here are some best skincare tips that will help your overall health. 

How to start preparing your skin for your holiday destination?

  • Exfoliate - Add an exfoliating body wash or bath mitt, glove or loofah to your shower routine a few weeks before you leave for your trip to help you get rid of dead skin cells. 

    In case, you have been unable to find any good quality body wash, then check out the shower gel from Coco Soul. Having the rich elements of coconut, and Ayurveda, this shower gel is free from sulphate, mineral oil, paraben and silicone. It is completely vegan and does not cause any side effects on the skin.

    Tips: Sugar or salt scrubs can also be used to remove dead skin cells from the face. Gently massage your skin in a circular motion to exfoliate two to three times a week. Reduce the amount of time spent polishing if you notice any redness or irritation.
  • Preserve the moisture you just scrubbed off your skin with a moisturiser 
    Apply moisturiser or body lotion from Coco Soul right after stepping out of the shower. Having the good qualities of coconut and sandalwood, it nourishes the body by promoting cellular repair. Hydration is long-lasting with this product as it is loaded with vitamin C, welmi and other Ayurvedic herbs. Also, don't forget to apply sunscreen to any skin that is exposed.

How to pick your products according to your destination and tips for each type of climate?

Dermatologists recommend different products for different climates. When your destination has a cold climate, your skin requires different things than when you go for a hot climate vacation. Find out the items you should select based on where you're going -

  • Water-based light moisturizers are ideal in the warm air
  • An area with a sunny climate is more likely to be exposed to the sun's damaging action. Hence, it is critical to use an SPF. And choosing the appropriate moisturizer for a regular vacation skincare routine is just as important.

    Tips: Rather than using an oil-based lotion to moisturize, choose one that contains more water and less niacinamide, which is both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Also, herbal body lotions are a great option and are listed on the travel skincare tips because they are easier to apply under these conditions and come with no harmful chemicals. 

    • Warm and dry skin necessitates a good moisturizing regimen

    You need to ensure that your skin is adequately hydrated in hot and dry climates. Hyaluronic acid serums, which are both light and effective, are a good solution to this problem. SPF is, of course, essential to avoiding sun damage

    • When it's cold and dry out there, watch out for flaky, dry skin

    As travelling to cold places makes the skin prone to dryness and itchiness, you must probably be wondering about how to take care of your skin. Aren't you? Not only this but eczema and psoriasis tend to worsen in colder, dim sunny climates for obvious reasons.

    Because creams have more oil and less water than lotion, they're better for these settings. To keep your skin from drying out, apply a thick cream with ceramides, the proteins that keep your skin moist; right after you get out of the shower ceramide. 

    You can also try body butter from Coco Soul which is free from paraben, silicone and mineral oil. With a perfect blend of coconut, shea butter and other Ayurveda herbs, this body butter lotion will restore the lost moisture and repair the damaged or dry skin. 

    • Just keep it easy with the mild weather

    Maintaining a modest skincare routine if the weather in your area isn't too extreme is a good idea. Antioxidants and a broad-spectrum sunscreen with minerals are the most appropriate way to go.

    • Air pollution in the city can have a negative effect on the skin

    A city trip isn't only about the changing weather; your skin may also have a negative effect due to pollution. All the contaminants in the air must be protected from your skin. As a result of environmental pollutants, skin collagen and elastin begin to degenerate. Antioxidant supplements are a smart investment to help you understand how to take care of your skin.

    • Just keep it easy with the mild weather

    As long as the temperature isn't too hot, cold, humid, or dry, it's best to keep your skincare routine simple. Antioxidants and broad-spectrum sunscreens with minerals are good options. However, most sunscreen lotions come with harmful chemicals like silicone, paraben, and minerals, which may have harmful effects on your skin. Thus, choosing the 100% pure and organic Ayurveda sunscreen lotion from Coco Soul can be of help as it has no chemical impurities in it, and comes with the herbal benefits of sandalwood and virgin king coconut oil. 

    Multipurpose beauty - Tips to reduce your cosmetics bag

    In addition to their ability to serve several purposes, versatile cosmetic items will help you declutter your makeup bag and save you money. So, if you're looking for versatile beauty and skincare items that are also effective, but don't take up a lot of space, check out our selection.

    Tip 1: Oils that are made from natural sources

    Skin, hair, and body care are all catered to by this one product. An anti-frizz composition that rapidly nourishes hair and can also be used on the skin gives this product a luxurious spa-like feel. 

    One such product that comes to mind is Multipurpose oil for skin, hair and baby massage from Coco Soul. Being 100% natural, and free from paraben, perfume and mineral oil, this oil comes with no side effects. It rejuvenates the skin and penetrates 90% into the hair strands to repair the damage and promote good health. 

    Tip 2: Lip colour that is hydrating

    Another travel skincare multipurpose beauty product that will also help to reduce your cosmetic bag is moisturising lipstick. This is because a moisturizing lip colour will not only make you look good but will also keep your lips nourished throughout the day. 

    Tip 3: Gel for the face

    When applied to the face, gel blush creates a natural flush of colour. However, a hydrating and moisturizing gel can also be used on the lips for a subtle tint of colour. The formula is free of oil, aroma, and paraben, and is 100% organic.

    Tip 4: Spray cure

    If you're looking for a way to keep your makeup in place while ensuring that it doesn't look cakey, then use an Ayurvedic spray. Use it as an eyeshadow and highlighter enhancer.


    We hope this post will help you reduce the size of your beauty bag and become a minimalist packing guru, prepare your skin for your vacation destination, and select products that are appropriate for the climate where you are travelling. 

    You must be thinking that packing a minimalist travel makeup kit is a difficult task, but this doesn't mean that you should let your cosmetics bag stop you from travelling light. So size down your cosmetic bag by opting for a multi-pocket and compact cosmetic bag that will help you keep organized. 

    Also, skincare while travelling is really cumbersome and has the potential to damage your skin. Don't forget about your skin toner while you're considering what to pack for travel skincare!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What can I do to avoid breakouts while on the road?

      The best way to avoid breakouts while on the road are :

      • Properly wash your face to remove excess dirt, oil and sweat. 
      • Use an appropriate moisturizer, cleanser and sheet mask according to your skin type. 
      • Stay hydrated.
      • Limit your makeup use. 
      • Try not to touch your face, instead use face towelettes.
      • Limit sun exposure
    2. Do you have any tips for staying fresh on the road?

      Hydration is the most important thing to do. Drinking plenty of water before and during a long journey will help maintain your body and skin in good shape. If you're flying, the high altitude and severe air conditioning can dry out your skin. The best thing to do before a flight is to liberally apply your daily face moisturizer.

    3. How can you keep your hair safe while riding a bus?

      During a long-distance journey, keep your hair hydrated as part of travel skincare tips. Before taking a flight, make sure your hair is well-moisturized. Apply serums to your hair before styling it.

    4. My flight is in an hour, what are my options for freshening up?

      Bring facial cleanser or appropriate exfoliating scrubs with you on long trips so that you can maintain your skin clean and refreshed. Make sure to moisturize your skin after you've washed it, especially if you're flying internationally. The skin secretes more oil when you're aboard an aeroplane to compensate for the absence of moisture. Before and after your flight, use a facial moisturizer to keep your skin feeling its best.


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