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Here’s How Vitamins Can Change Your Skincare Game

When one thinks of a skincare regime, they think of the usual- an everyday routine that consists of cleansing, toning and moisturising. However, there's much more to a skincare routine than this! Including vitamins in your daily routine is critical for skin health. It’s time to find answers to questions like: Why are vitamins good for skin? What are the best vitamins for glowing skin? Which are the best vitamins for skin? and much more.

Vitamin Essentials For Your Skincare Routine

Vitamins are known to play an important function in skin health. Although there are 14 essential vitamins, not all of them are vital for healthy, radiant skin. So your immediate question would be, which are the major vitamins for glowing skin? Here's your answer: vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin E. These are a few of the best vitamins for skin. To know more about the vitamin A benefits for skin or the vitamin E benefits for skin, and how to integrate it in your skincare regime, keep scrolling.

What Is The Role Of Vitamins In Skincare? 

The list of vitamins good for skin is lengthy. Here are a few well-known vitamins that can be inculcated in daily use. 

  • Vitamin A : 
  • Vitamin A comes in two types: retinoids and carotenoids. Your skin comes under retinoid and is able to readily absorb vitamin A when applied topically. Vitamin A prevents sun damage by interrupting the process that breaks down collagen. 

    The following are some of the vitamin A benefits for skin

    • Reduces visible signs of ageing by decreasing fine lines and closing open pores
    • Helps in treating acne
    • Topical treatment for hyperpigmentation
    • Helps you boost the rate at which your skin heals and restores itself
  • Vitamin C: 
  • Vitamin C is considered to be one of the best vitamins for dry skin and one may also call it an all-rounder vitamin. Looking for an antioxidant nutrient that hydrates your skin, enhances skin tone, reduces signs of ageing, and protects your skin from sun damage, all at once? Vitamin C is the answer. Adding a dose of vitamin C for skin evens out your skin tone and reduces the appearance of dark spots. In fact, vitamins A and C are said to be anti-ageing vitamins

  • Vitamin D : 
  • Vitamin D is most often made when sunlight is absorbed by your skin. However, we’re all often worried about the harmful rays of the sun damaging our skin. Soak in the sunlight for a few minutes during the day to give yourself a dose of vitamin D and battle a potential deficiency. This vitamin helps you create healthy cells, thereby giving you radiant skin. 

  • Vitamin E : 
  • Apart from being an antioxidant, this vitamin also serves as an anti-inflammatory. A few vitamin E benefits for skin include- protecting the skin from the damage caused by UV light and preventing dark spots and wrinkles. If your skin has been the victim of excessive sun damage caused due to a vitamin E deficiency, it needs some moisturisation. A product that you can easily swear by is Coco Soul’s Virgin Coconut Oil. It is rich in vitamin E and aids in treating a variety of skin problems.

    What Are The Best Sources Of Each Vitamin?

    Each vitamin is either available as a topically-applied or a naturally-consumed supplement. However, before taking any such decision, it’s better to first consult a dermatologist. While talking about including the vitamins in a natural form, here are a few ways to do so: 


    Best Source 

    Vitamin A

    • A bowl of green leafy vegetables 
    • Dairy products like milk, cheese, and yoghurt
    • Fortified low-fat spread

    Vitamin C

    • Include citrus fruits in your daily diet 
    • Eat a diet that includes food rich in vitamin C such as spinach and broccoli

    Vitamin D

    • Soak in the sunlight through a regular morning stroll
    • Eat fortified food
    • Plan a diet that includes yoghurt and oranges 

    Vitamin E 

    • Almonds and sunflower seeds are considered to be high in vitamin E
    • You can also take a vitamin E capsule, but only after consulting a doctor


    How To Diagnose A Vitamin Deficiency?

    Hyperpigmentation, poor wound healing, hair loss, rough and scaly spots, and extreme dryness are all indicators of a vitamin deficiency. There are many more symptoms that can indicate a deficiency. However, only a blood test can determine whether your body has a vitamin deficiency or not. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

    1. What is the role of vitamins in skincare?

      All vitamins are considered equally important for healthy, glowing skin. However, vitamins A and C are not only known as the anti ageing vitamins but also the best vitamins for dry skin. Vitamin A benefits for skin also include treating acne and boosting the skin repair process. On the other hand, vitamins D and E are considered the best vitamins for skin repair.
    2. Is vitamin E better than vitamin C for skin

      One cannot select a particular vitamin and give it more importance or have a selected list of best vitamins for skin. Each vitamin has its own function to perform and without it, one cannot achieve radiant, beautiful skin. Hence, whether you’re using it in your skincare routine or your diet, it's always recommended that you maintain an equal balance of all of them on a regular basis.

    3. What is the role of vitamin B5 for skin? 

      Vitamin B5 inhibits water loss from your skin and assists in moisture retention. As a result, dry skin, flakiness, and itching are avoided. It also helps keep your skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

      It's always safe and wise to consult a dermatologist before taking supplements. Getting diagnosed for a particular deficiency and receiving medical advice on the same is always a safe choice. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a sign to create a healthy vitamin-filled skincare regime, this one’s it!


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