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Everything You Need To Know About Body Butters/ Your One Stop Destination On Body Butters

Winters are here, and we can’t wait to dive into our cosy blankets. However, there’s one thing that we’re definitely not looking forward to- the dull and dry skin that comes along with winters. So while you gear up with your comfortable sweaters and fashionable scarves to keep yourself warm, we are also ready with our weapon of choice to keep your skin all prepped up and moisturised. We’re talking about body butter, of course! But what is body butter and how to use it? Let’s find out!

Body Butters: A Winter Essential

You’ve probably heard a lot about this winter essential, but what is body butter used for and how are they different from regular creams or lotions? Let’s find out. While lotions have a thinner and slippery consistency, body butters are thicker, and more velvety in composition. Using body butter is ideal when you want that extra layer of moisturisation on your skin. A body butter’s use comes into light when you have dry skin or patches on your body. Other than solving cold winter dryness, body butters can also help you during dry summers. These are extremely hydrating and nourishing in nature.

Unconventional Uses of Body Butter

Now that you know what body butter is, let’s learn more about when to use body butter, and what is the best way of using this magical product, followed by some useful skincare tips. Here are some additional and unconventional ways of using body butter: 

  1. A handy makeup remover- Are you on vacation and forgot to pack your makeup remover, once again? You can consider using body butter in such a situation. Just take a scoop of it and massage it on your face. It helps remove the toughest of makeup, and gives you soft, moisturised skin in return.

  2. Hydrates freshly shaved legs-  If you were ever wondering what is the use of body butter, apart from moisturising your dry winter skin, we come with all the answers! Newly shaved and groomed legs do feel amazing, but at the same time, it also leaves your skin drier than ever. Take a dollop of body butter into your palms, gently emulsify it into your hands and massage it across your arms and legs. Using body butter never felt better!

  3. Don’t forget the lips!- A satisfying body butter use is not just meant for the body, but for the rest of your face too, and while you’re moisturising your ears, neck and face, don’t miss out on your lips! Lips have a high tendency of getting chapped during winters, and having something as hydrating as a body butter helps well.

Benefits Of Using Body Butter

You have a fair idea about body butters, are in love with the idea of them for your dry, winter skin and hopefully might even be owning one, but how to use body butter in the best possible manner? Moreover, what are some other benefits that you can get from using body butter? Read on to know more about body butter use and the benefits of using this amazing product.

  1. Reduces stretch marks and scars- Slather on a layer of body butter to your hands and feet before sleeping, and jump into a cosy pair of socks to relax tired feet.This body butter makes use of both, shea butter and coconut oil, whose benefits we have compiled for you in this blog.  Body butters are packed with an extra dose of antioxidants which replenish your body and reduce any blemishes over time.

  2. Restores post shower moisture- Thinking how to apply body butter to seal in maximum moisture? First, take a quick shower using lukewarm water, and dry your body well. Follow it up with a nourishing body butter, to seal in maximum moisture.You can also use one of our homemade body scrubs to enhance your shower routine and make your skin less dry, or take a look at our extensive range of organic skincare products that clean skin without drying it out.

  3. The Coco Soul benefit- Sure, store bought body butters have their own magic. Nothing can beat their beautiful fragrance and irresistible texture, but what if we gave you some all-natural, coconut butter for the skin, with the same, satisfying feeling, minus all the extra chemicals? Coco Soul’s nourishing body butter is free of any additional chemicals, and packed with the richest of ayurvedic herbs and ingredients. Slather some onto your body, and leave your skin feeling silky smooth and shiny.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How often should you apply body butter?

    Using body butter depends on your skin type. If you have normal to dry skin, you can use body butter on a daily basis. However, if you have oily or combination skin, you should avoid using it regularly, and can choose to use it every two to three days, which is just enough time to supply your body with moisture.

  2. Can I use body butter on the face?

    We often have a perception of avoiding body butters on the face, as they are primarily meant for the body. However, body butters carry multiple benefits and double up as replacements for other products. So, in case you’re curious about how to use a body butter on the face, we have an answer. Body butters can be used as moisturisers for the face, lip balms and sunscreens too. It’s thick, sticky nature also serves as a cleansing balm, helping you remove makeup effortlessly.

  3. Do body butters clog pores?

    Even though body butters can be used on the face, they do clog pores at times, due to their thick consistency. Hence, if you have naturally oily or combination skin, it’s better to avoid body butters, and instead go for a moisturiser with a thinner, gel-like consistency. You should also avoid using body butters if your skin is prone to acne or frequent breakouts.

    In this freezing cold winter season, we all need an extra dose of moisture every once in a while, and body butter gives us just that. A natural body butter just ups the wholesomeness to a whole new level, with it’s set of potent ayurvedic ingredients, that are here to fix your skin within seconds. So, have you started using body butter already? If not, do so now!


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