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What Is Cruelty-Free Skincare?

    If you are inclined towards a sustainable world or have an interest in animal welfare, you might have come across the termcruelty free skincare'. While it is not as popular as organic or natural skincare yet, it is still a buzzword, which is increasingly being picked up by aware consumers across the world and supported by skincare brands. However, not many people know about it and its significance for the environment.

    Worry not! Here is a small guide on what is cruelty free skincare and why you should opt for it on your next beauty shopping trip.

    What is cruelty free skincare?

    Simply put, cruelty free skincare means skincare products which have not been tested on animals. In cruelty free skincare, neither the final product nor the ingredients used in them are tested on animals. Instead, these no animal testing products are tested through other alternative methods like in-vitro testing to ensure that the products are safe to be used by you.

    To know if your product is cruelty free, you can check the label of the product and look for PETA or Leaping Bunny logo orno animal testing' mark on the bottle packaging which signifies that it has not been tested on animals.

    Why use cruelty free products?

    1. To assure yourself that you do not support animal cruelty

    When you use products that have been tested on animals, you indirectly support the cruelty done on animals while testing. Small innocent animals like bunnies and rats are kept in inhumane conditions after which, all the new experiments are tested on them causing them injuries and often lead to their death. This horrific visualization should be enough for you to switch to cruelty free products and not be a participant in this inhumane practice.

    2. Because animal testing is not needed

    Believe us when we say that animal testing is not indispensable for beauty products. Apart from being unethical, the practice of animal testing can be easily avoided. Research findings show that even if a product passes animal testing, it doesn't mean that it is safe for human use. Moreover, there are many other alternative methods for product testing which companies usually don't adopt as animal testing is a low-cost method.

    3. It is safe

    Want to stay away from chemical-based products? Opt for cruelty free skincare. It is because brands test the products on animals, to ensure that the chemicals they have used in the products do not harm humans. So when you opt for cruelty-free skincare, you automatically use products which do not contain chemicals. They are instead made from purely natural products and so need no animal testing. So with cruelty free skincare, you save yourself from the harmful chemicals and also contribute to saving animals from distress.

    4. You help create a better world

    When you opt for cruelty free products, you contribute towards creating a better world. Your purchase helps boost the morale and business of the brands who care for the animals and produce cruelty free products. Your effort might seem small, but in the bigger picture, it would definitely make a difference.

    Looking for a brand that has cruelty free products? Try Coco Soul. Coco Soul believes that the skincare solutions of the yesteryears are much more effective than that of today. Which is why they create products which are made with pure natural ingredients derived from nature and Ayurveda and of course are free from animal testing. You can explore the following Coco Soul products while shopping for cruelty free skincare.

    • Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash: This cruelty free face wash is enriched with pure virgin coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs in its core. It gently cleanses oil and dirt from your face, revealing glowing and radiant skin without any lingering dryness.

    This luxurious cleansing fluid leaves your skin rejuvenated, and revitalised. It contains -

    • Virgin coconut oil: It penetrates 10 layers deep into the skin layers, restores lost moisture and makes your skin soft.
    • Gotukola: This hero herb fights skin sagging by promoting collagen production and gives you younger-looking skin.4.
    • Neem: Rich in Vitamin E, neem has antibacterial properties which remove pigmentation, fights signs of ageing, and gives you clear and acne-free skin.


    • Coco Soul Nourishing Body Lotion: Made with king coconut oil of Sri Lanka in its core, this cruelty free moisturizer is like a genie in a bottle. It's enriched with Ayurvedic herbs that easily melts and penetrates deep into your skin to give you a nourished glow. Its lightweight and luxurious texture makes your skin soft, smooth and supple and is good for everyday use. This cruelty free body lotion contains -
    • Virgin coconut oil: Called as an elixir in Ayurveda, it deeply hydrates the skin and promotes cellular repair.
    • Welmi: A rich source of vitamin C, welmi brightens your face, fights dullness, and gives you radiant, dewy and glowing skin.
    • Sandalwood: Revered in eastern culture, this ayurvedic ingredient reduces oxidative stress, minimises age spots and reverses sun damage.

    Coco Soul's products are not only cruelty free, but also chemical free. They are free from harmful chemicals like sulphates, silicones, parabens, sodium chloride, petroleum, mineral oils, DEA, etc. Moreover, nature-friendly as they are, they are 100% vegan and MadeSafeâ„¢ certified.

    It takes small efforts from our end to make a difference. For example, small changes in your lifestyle habits and shopping list can go a long way to make a better world; just like switching to cruelty free skincare. When you opt for products without animal testing, you treat your skin with natural organic products and also save innocent animals. So this new year, clear your vanity off all the chemical-based and non cruelty free skincare and shop for animal cruelty free products. Head over to the skincare section of Coco Soul to explore nature skincare products today. You must also check out the benefits of organic skincare products.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Cruelty-Free Skincare

    1. What is the difference between vegan and cruelty free?

    Vegan products are those which do not use animal ingredients in them. Whereas cruelty free products are not tested on animals.

    2. Why is cruelty free skincare important?

    Cruelty free skincare is important because it not only saves you from harmful chemicals, but also safeguards the lives of innocent animals. Cruelty free skincare is safe both for you and the environment.

    3. Are organic products cruelty free?

    Yes, almost all organic products are cruelty free. However, it would be best if you check the label of your organic product to confirm that it is cruelty free.

    4. How do I switch to cruelty free products?

    Look for products that are made with natural ingredients as these are usually not tested on animals. You can also pay attention to the labels of the products and look for cruelty free certification while you shop. Just look for a different brand that is cruelty free and stop using chemical-based products.

    5. Are cruelty free products better?

    Yes! They are organic, chemical-free, made from natural ingredients and so, safe for your skin. Moreover, they do not contribute to animal suffering.

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