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Watch Out For These 3 Skin Problems During Monsoon

Our skin reacts differently in different seasons, including monsoon. When the monsoon arrives, it brings considerable variations in humidity levels that affect the skin negatively causing a number of skin issues. Apart from that, humidity fluctuations become the leading cause of dry skin. 

Other than that, this weather can also be the cause of acne, more clogged pores, blemishes, greasiness, and outbreaks. Not to mention, your skin also becomes a breeding ground for various germs and bacteria.

Woman With Rash On Arm

3 Common Skin Problems During Monsoon Season  

Listed below  are the three common skin diseases that you may have a high chance of experiencing during the monsoon season.

  1. Athlete's foot

    Person With Athlete’s Foot Disease
    It is common to experience itchy and cracked feet besides discoloured toenails during the monsoon. Sometimes people do not realise this problem until it causes bleeding, pain or dry skin in the monsoon.

    Popularly known as Athlete's foot, this fungal illness requires one to avoid puddles during the rainy season. We consider this contagious but are not dangerous.

    However, one must follow monsoon skincare to keep the infection at bay. For instance, one can opt to use the natural foot cream from Coco Soul, which is rich in Ayurvedic ingredients such as, neem and coconut. This product will penetrate deep into your skin and heal cracks as it is free from cruelty. 

  2. Eczema 

    Woman With Dry Hands

    You may not know, but the increased humidity in the monsoon can be another cause of dry skin. Your skin loses its capacity to keep moisture and makes it eczematous. As a result, you may start experiencing skin irritation, redness and blisters. Though eczema is non-contagious, it does not mean that it does not require attention. Therefore, as it causes dry skin, you can quickly treat the problem at home.  

    You can choose to use this natural body butter from Coco Soul, which comes loaded with the goodness of king coconut oil, shea butter and Lodhra. It works as an elixir that replenishes the skin and gives it an enviable glow. Also, it maintains the excessive production of sebum, considered the cause of oily skin.

  3. Scabies 

    Staying away from tainted water seems impossible during the monsoon. As a result, this increases the possibility of experiencing a contagious water-related disease called scabies. It takes place because of parasitic mites which are undetectable to the human eye. You may experience severe itching and rashes. Apart from this, if you choose to neglect monsoon skincare, scabies can be fatal and spread to others.

    Woman With Scabies

Tips to take care of skin during the monsoon

Are you facing acne in the monsoon? Or is the oily skin in the monsoon making your life miserable!! There are undoubtedly several common skin diseases you may suffer in the rainy season. But know that there is a cure for everything. Just follow the guidelines of monsoon skincare listed below to help yourself. 

  • Wash your feet and hands after regular intervals to get rid of the germs and bacteria.
  • Try to keep yourself away from tainted water, as it contains germs that may lead to causes of acne. Keep yourself as dry as possible. 
  • Do not share your stuff with anyone else.
  • Keep yourself hydrated to avoid dry skin in the monsoon.
  • Avoid using chemical-based products and switch to herbal skincare products only. Using chemical-based products would promote acne in the monsoon. 
  • Exfoliate your skin to prevent oily skin in the monsoon. 
  • Use face masks and toners to prevent problems considered the cause of oily skin.
  • Do not skip using sunscreen and moisturisers. 
  • Wear breathable fabrics so that you do not have to suffer from oily skin in the monsoon


                  With the monsoon season comes a bundle of skin problems that can be the causes of acne, oily skin, dry skin, etc. Instead of counting on chemical-based products, we suggest you switch to herbal ones. It is because herbal products do not cause any side effects. Apart from that, follow the above mentioned preventive measures to prevent the causes of oily skin and other skin woes. 

                  Frequently Asked Questions on Monsoon Skin Problems (FAQs) 

                  1. Does the monsoon cause itchy skin?

                    Yes, the monsoon season causes itchy skin and makes your skin red and blistered. It happens because your skin becomes excessively dry and loses its ability to keep moisture. 

                  2. Why do hands get dry when it rains?

                    Your hands dry when it rains simply because the cold temperature outside and the strong winds alongside heavy rain deplete the skin's natural oils. Furthermore, this makes your skin more susceptible to irritation, inflammation and infection.

                  3. What are monsoon blisters?

                    Monsoon blisters are often compared to chickenpox, as they appear to be the same and leave scars behind. They can be itchy and painful, so consult a dermatologist for immediate treatment. 


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