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Soothing Remedies for Dry Skin in Winter

While transitioning from sweaty summers to drier winters, the idea of slipping into comfy blankets and fuzzy socks, and sipping on some hot cocoa sounds tempting. But with that also comes an onslaught of itchy, flaky, and dry skin in winter which is here to stay for a couple of months more. If you haven't started packing all your summer skincare products to make room for winter care products that will soothe your dry and ailing skin, now is the time. While picking up a thicker moisturiser is important, there are more ways to beat the chill this winter season. The dry climate makes your skin lose its natural moisture that leads to dryness, flaking and itchiness. Fortunately with some easy remedies and expert tips, you can ensure your skin is hydrated and moisturised even when the day is dry and know how to prevent dry skin in winter.

Woman Worried About Dry Skin

Symptoms of dry skin in winter:

Your everyday skin texture will look a lot different in winters and they are your cue to identify the symptoms of dry skin.

  • Dehydration:

When you lose excessive moisture in your skin, you will notice it to be dehydrated. The signs of dehydrated skin are extremely dry skin, fine lines, and itchiness.

  • Change in texture:

The texture of drier skin is rough and flaky. This is due to the lack of natural oils present in your body.

  • Cracked heels:

Dry skin often starts to shrink and this causes cracks to form. These cracks are often visible on your heels and can lead to bleeding.

  • Itchy skin:

If you have excessive dry skin, it will start to itch. This everyday itching causes irritation and also may lead to scarring on your skin.

  • Peeling of skin:

The outer layer of skin renews itself and sheds all the dead skin. However, you won't see this shedding until the layer of your skin becomes excessively dry which causes the skin to peel.

Winter weather can also cause other issues like eczema to flare up. Read out blog for the best winter eczema treatments and how to prevent it.

Causes of dry skin in winter home remedies and how to prevent dry skin in winter:

Applying Hand Moisturizer

1.Extreme cold weather: as the temperature dips, the air becomes colder and the moisture of your skin evaporates quickly making your skin dry. According to studies, your skin loses more than 25 percent of its capability to hold on to moisture in the winter.

  • Remedy: protect your skin from the exposure of cold winds by layering up as much as you can. Apply a generous amount of moisturiser before you head out and do not forget to use SPF. Pay extra attention to your hands, feet, and knees as well.

2.Indoor heating systems: If you are not a fan of colder days, you may be using an indoor heater frequently. This dry indoor heater releases air that is not adequate for your skin when exposed to it for a long period of time. This air can dry out your mucous membranes leading to dry skin and chapped lips too.

  • Remedy: set the heating to the lowest comfortable setting and use a humidifier during the night. A humidifier helps hydrate dry skin and chapped lips as well.

3.Longer hot showers: a nice hot shower on a cold day may seem like a great idea until you realise its adverse effects on the skin. The hot water can strip your skin off of its protective layer of natural oils and leave you with a dry textured layer of skin.

  • Remedy: Switch to lukewarm water for showers and limit your bathing time to a minimum of 10 minutes. Pat a soft towel instead of rubbing it on your body when drying yourself

4.Ditching the lotion: You may think layering up yourself with winter clothing will eliminate the need to use a body lotion and be a quick winter dry skin remedy. It is important to use body lotion not only in winters but through every season even if your skin is covered. Using body lotions soothes your skin and keeps it hydrated.

  • Remedy: Apply a thick moisturiser as soon as you are out of shower to lock in the moisture into your clean skin. Look for ingredients that are great at fighting dehydration and will add nourishment to your skin.

5.Using products with harsh chemicals: Most skincare products with harsh chemicals can strip off the natural moisture from your skin and do more damage than good. Harsh chemicals in skincare products deteriorate the skin health and avoiding them is the best.

  • Remedy: Switch to products with natural ingredients rich in the goodness of organic herbs. Use fragrance free products winter dry skin remedy that will leave your skin soothed and supple.To find your prefect chemical-free winter skincare routine head over to our blog on skincare routine tips to follow in winter.

6.Being dehydrated: You may not feel as thirsty on a colder day but your skin does lose water regardless of the weather. Our body is made of 70 percent water, which keeps our cells plump and healthy. If you do not drink enough water, your skin is left dehydrated and gives your skin a shriveled look.

  • Remedy: Make sure you intake plenty of fluids and not just water during the winter time even when you aren't thirsty. Avoid consuming caffeinated beverages which make you lose more water. You can alternate it with decaf coffee or tea.

If you are looking for soothing skin care products without any harsh chemicals, we recommend using Coco Soul's body butter and chemical free body lotion. Infused with the rich goodness of virgin coconut oil, this skincare range is curated with Ayurvedic herbs such as lodhra, shea butter, welmi, and sandalwood. Rich in hydration, using this body lotion and coconut body butter will leave your skin smooth, soft and ready for the winters.

Frequently Asked Questions on How to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter:

1.What are the home remedies for dry skin in winter?

  • Exfoliate your body with oatmeal and honey
  • Apply coconut oil before bedtime
  • Use olive oil and crushed sugar as a scrub for chapped lips

2.Why is my skin so dry in winter?

The humidity level in the climate drops making our skin lose out on the natural moisture. This often leads to dry skin if not cared for properly. For dry skin in winter treatment you can follow home remedies or consult your dermatologist as well.

3.What are some home remedies for dry face in winter?

  • Moisturise your face daily
  • Apply sunscreen everyday
  • Switch to winter skincare routine
  • Avoid frequent use of exfoliation
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