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An A-Z On Sensitive Skincare

Most of us get excited to experiment with new skincare or hair care products, but that excitement soon fades away when you start dreading how your skin might react to it. If you’re also one of these people, maybe you should do a skin sensitivity test. If you have a sensitive skin type, it’s time to be more careful with the products you’re exposing your skin to on a daily basis. So, how to find out your skin type, and what exactly is the sensitive skin type? We’ve got the answers to your questions!

Symptoms of Sensitive Skin Type

You know you have been facing some skincare concerns for a while, but do you know the reason for those problems? Now the real question is how to identify sensitive skin? Here’s what you can do. Apply any skincare product on your face and wait for a few minutes. Does your skin feel itchy, or do you experience a stinging or burning sensation? If yes, then that’s your skin’s way of telling you that you have a sensitive skin type.

How To Find Out Your Skin Type?

Our skin often reacts in certain ways, but it’s difficult to classify it under a certain type. If you’re really curious to know which category you fall under, doing a skin type test can prove to be useful. You can start a skin sensitivity test, by first cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser, like the Coco Soul Face Wash. After you’ve cleaned your face, wait for 30 minutes, and then go in front of the mirror and see how your skin is reacting. If your skin feels extremely dry, flaky and itchy, you have dry skin. If it feels sticky and greasy, then you have oily skin. If your skin did feel oily, but just in the t-zone and had a matte finish on the rest of the face, then you have combination skin. A sensitive skin type is spotted when you see your skin having a sudden reaction to a product, making it feel all red and inflamed. So, go try this simple sensitive skin test and see for yourself what’s your skin type! 

Tips For Taking Care Of Sensitive Skin

After taking the skin type test, you now know that you have sensitive skin. So, what are the measures that you can take to provide your skin the best treatment? Here are a few tips for a sensitive skin type that we'll suggest-

  • Use a gentle cleanser- Find a face wash that your skin recognises and is comfortable with. If you're unsure about which cleanser suits your skin more, you can try the Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash. This can be an ideal product for you to use because it's  free from any chemicals that may be harmful for sensitive skin

  • Go gentle on your body- Just like your face, it's equally important to use a gentle cleanser on your skin to keep it healthy, and follow it with a nice lotion to lock in the moisture. We recommend the Coco Soul Body Care Combo, which gives you the benefit of taking a relaxing shower, using the Coco Soul Shower Gel, which supplies your skin with the goodness of turmeric, gotukala and virgin king coconut oil, followed by the lotion, which additionally contains sandalwood and welmi.You can also add a good coconut oil face pack to your skincare routine.

  • Exfoliation is a must- Even though people with sensitive skin are scared of exfoliation, it’s an important step in any sensitive skincare routine. You can try the coconut and venivel fresh, 100% vegan Coco Soul Natural Face Scrub, which can leave you with soft, radiant and glowing skin.You can find our full range of organic skincare products here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to find out if you have sensitive skin?

    There are several skin sensitivity tests to determine your skin type. The easiest method is to wash your face with your regular face wash, wait for half an hour and see how your skin reacts. If it doesn’t show any reaction, then you’ve got normal skin. If you get a sudden breakout, redness or inflammation, you have sensitive skin

  2. What are the types of sensitive skin?

    There are four different types of sensitive skin- naturally sensitive, sensitised skin, environmentally reactive and thin or damaged skin. You get naturally sensitive skin when you’re born with sensitive skin. Sensitised skin is when your skin is used to a certain environment, but reacts in a certain way due to an environmental change. You have reactive skin if your skin shows any effects because of any harsh chemicals in skincare or beauty products, and thin skin if your skin is easily susceptible to damage because of its thickness.

  3. How can I check my skin type at home?

    Here’s a simple skin type test that you can do at home- wash your face with a cleanser and wait for some time to see how your skin reacts to it. If it shows any adverse or extreme reactions, it  indicates that your skin is sensitive.

    Remember, regardless of what your skin type is, your skin deserves to be treated with care, attention and a lot of love, and to give your skin the treatment of the finest kind, you need to make sure you’re supplying it with the most natural, and organic ingredients, taken straight from nature’s lap. We at Coco Soul are here to give you the best, within the click of a button!


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