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Rainy Remedies: An Everyday Monsoon Routine Using Natural Skincare

Most of us struggle with oiliness as a result of monsoon’s humid weather, so this routine helps you get rid of the oily skin. Listed below are some tips and tricks to follow a natural skin care routine - get started for flawless skin in your monsoon selfies! 

 Woman Washing Her Face
  • Daily Cleanse

    This is a key measure in any skin care routine, but more effective when we talk about a natural skin care routine for oily skin. This is because of the rains - during the rainy season, a lot of us complain about extra oiliness on the face. The humidity in the air has our body covered in moisture, and various other particles. Give yourself a good daily cleanse with a bowl of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables and eight glasses of water. 
    Healthy Foods
  • Nature Face Wash

    Wondering how can you create a skin care routine for oily skin naturally? Start with a gel-based cleanser, to wrap your skin in the fresh foam of coolness. Although a natural face wash lathers less, the ayurvedic ingredients in a herbal wash are just what your skin need! Neem and gotukola, combined with virgin coconut oil, in the Coco Soul Natural Face Cleanser give you revitalised, glowing skin during the rainy season.
    Natural Face Wash
  • Hydrating moisturiser

    When putting together a natural skin care routine for oily skin during the rainy season, we must ensure our face and body moisturisers are gel-based. For the face, you can mix two teaspoons of Fuller’s Earth or ‘multani mitti’ with a teaspoon each of honey and aloe vera gel. 20 minutes of this hydrating paste on your face, and voila! Glowing skin right after. Let’s not forget your body needs a moisturiser too - and the Coco Soul Organic Body Lotion is a great lightweight, coconut-infused hydrating option. 
    Natural Body Lotion
  • Icy flowers

    Someone said flowers? And ice? Yes, these make the perfect combo in a skin care routine for oily skin, done naturally. Ice-cubes work like magic to soothe, hydrate, and enliven your skin. Rose water and lavender petals, when mixed with water and stored in your freezer, give you healing scented ice cubes for the monsoon!
    Ice Cubes With Flowers In Them
  • Natural Face Scrub

    Exfoliation is key during the rainy season, and a natural face scrub makes this step even more effective. A popular home remedy is a mixture of sugar and coconut oil - it is the solution to shed dead skin cells according to Indian women! 
     Natural Face Scrub
    Well, an exfoliator in a tube is much easier these days, and Coco Soul’s Exfoliating Face Scrub is a coconut, sandalwood, and venivel infused one. Along with being 100% vegan, it is also 100% organic, gently unclogging your pores and enriching your skin with nature’s goodness. 
In addition to the ingredients you see above in Coco Soul’s natural face wash and natural face scrub, the brand brings you many more in a wide range of skin care and hair care products. Staying away from parabens, sulphates, and phthalates, Coco Soul gives you an experience that will make you switch to natural!


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