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How to Take Care of your Curly Hair With Ayurveda

Hair can be of different types depending on the curl pattern - straight, wavy, curly and coily. Each hair type has its challenges and ways to deal with it. But mostly, it's the curly/coily hair that requires additional efforts to manage them. And we’re here to make things easy for you. Wondering how? Here are a few curly hair tips and curly hair solutions to manage your curls that can give your locks the best grooming it deserves with a little bit of help from the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda. 


Woman Massaging Hair

How to find out your Ayurvedic hair type

Do This - Take your index finger and thumb. Hold a strand of hair in between them. 

  • If your hair feels thinner than a sewing thread, your hair type is Vata, which means thin hair type.
  • If you find your hair thicker than the thread, you have a Kapha hair type with a thick structure.
  • Anything in between can be Pitta dominant hair type, i.e., a hair structure with a medium thickness.
    Girl Concerned About Curly Hair

    How to take care of Curly hair?

    How to take care of my curly hair? This is a common question for many. Curly hair is difficult to manage compared to the other hair types  as it is frizzy, lacks moisture, and dries out easily. Thus one should start with this curly hair care early to get the best results.

    Regular care will ensure nourished and bouncy curls, but none of it will happen overnight. However, with herbal and Ayurvedic products, remedies and hair care tips by your side, you can gradually achieve your hair goals.  The Ayurvedic approach ensures your hair goes through a natural healing process and no additional damage is caused by the usage of harmful chemicals.You must also check out our blog on ayurvedic tips to repair damaged hair for some pro tips to deal with damaged hair.

    Curly Hair care: If you have been struggling to manage your curls with your regular routine, then it's time to deep dive and access the root cause. If you have visible issues with your hair like split ends, dryness, etc., it is a sign that the "Prakriti" (a person's harmonious state) has been imbalanced. These imbalances or Vikritis should signal you to rethink how to take care of your curly hair.

    Ayurvedic Herbs

    Ayurvedic products/masks/oils for curly hair

    Natural ingredients work wonders in solving curly hair issues. Ayurveda has natural remedies for curly hair issues like Ayurvedic shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. It mostly uses natural herbs and plants like aloe vera herbal oils like neem, hibiscus, fenugreek, etc., which are natural sources.

    Oiling your hair with Ayurvedic oils like Coco Soul's Long, Strong and Black Hair Oil will help regenerate hair growth and add lustre by keeping the scalp moisturised. Oil massages  also improve blood circulation. Keeping the hair clean of dirt and grease by regularly washing it with a natural Ayurvedic shampoo for curly hair like Coco Soul's Hair & Scalp Shampoo also helps maintain its shine and health. Post shampoo, using an Ayurvedic conditioner like Coco Soul's Hair & Scalp Conditioner ensures it protects your hair from environmental stressors and makes the hair more manageable. These Coco Soul hair products also help to fight dandruff. To learn more on how to treat dandruff, head over to our blog on dandruff ayurvedic treatment.

    Pro Tips on How to take Care of your Curly hair

    1. Find a hair care routine that suits your lifestyle.
    2. Do not overwash your hair, but never use hot water.
    3. Use wide-toothed combs and detangle or comb when the hair is damp.
    4. Ensure to keep your hair nourished and scalp hydrated by messaging oil regularly.
    5. Trim regularly to avoid split ends.
    6. Avoid using hair sprays and mousse.

    Dos and Don’ts for Curly Hair According to Ayurveda

    1. Wash hair regularly to remove dirt and grease but remember not to over wash them.
    2. Dry Vigorously with Towels, instead use microfiber towels.
    3. Use Ayurvedic shampoo for curly hair and follow it up with a conditioner specially made for curls to wash your hair.
    4. Use a satin pillow to sleep as it causes less friction and causes less damage to the hair.
    5. Do not use hair dryers to make the hair more dry and frizzy.
    6. Use a natural conditioner every time you wash your hair.


    Flaunting natural curls is a dream for many, but it also requires considerable time and effort to be invested in maintaining them. To take care of your hair, always rely on and opt for herbal, chemical-free Ayurvedic products. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow your hair care routine religiously. Also, keep usage of heat styling to a minimum and follow the curly hair care tips mentioned in this article for gorgeous natural curls that you can flaunt all day.


    1. Is curly hair care time-consuming?

      Washing hair and applying products take around 10-15 minutes. Then let it air dry while you do other things. Apply oil before washing your hair.

    2. Is curly hair care expensive?

      Not really. You just have to switch to a routine and Ayurvedic products that suit your hair the best. The range is very wide to choose from based on your budget.

    3. How often do I wash my hair?

      Depending on your hair type, washing  your hair 2-3 times a week is good enough. Co-wash often but also use the shampoo once in a while to get rid of grease and dirt.

    4. How do I manage my frizz?

      Frizziness requires routine hair care to get rid of. Avoid using chemicals to get frizz-free and stick to a hair care routine. The results will be long-lasting.

    5. What are the must-haves for curly hair?

    •   A microfiber towel
    •   Wide-tooth comb
    •   Coil hair ties
    •   Satin scarfs or pillows
    •   Anti-frizz Ayurvedic hair products
    •   Ayurvedic hair oil to make your hair shine and your curls bounce


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