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The Connection Between Dandruff And Hair Fall

It’s very common to suddenly itch your hair in the middle of the day, and find it full of these substances that we popularly call dandruff. There’s nothing different about this, as more than half of the adult population is plagued with this typical hair care issue. And if you’re a male, your chances are higher. However, what often concerns us is the consequences of having a scalp full of dandruff. While some of us are worried about major concerns like infection, redness or inflammation, dandruff can be far more harmful for your hair. You may also be thinking, does dandruff cause hair fall too? Read on to know more about the link between dandruff and hairfall

woman with dandruff

The Connection Between Dandruff and Hair fall

Can dandruff cause hair fallYes and no. Even though it often can, it’s not necessary for this to always be the case. Often, both hair fall and dandruff can occur due to the same reason. If you have a yeast infection or any irritant in your scalp, it can cause thinning of the hair, which can lead to both the issues happening together. However, a person might witness hair fall due to dandruff as well. If you have excessive dandruff on your scalp, and you scratch it frequently, it can weaken the hair follicles and cause hair fall. People often experience a lot of hair fall while shampooing their hair, too. Due to this, they tend to avoid washing their hair often, which leads to a dirty and oily scalp. This could also be a potential cause for dandruff to occur.

woman with hair fall

Can Dandruff Worsen Hair fall?

Will dandruff cause hair fall and increase hair damage? We’re sure most of us are bothered by this question. We’re all worried about whether dandruff will permanently ruin our hair. While there may be certain reasons that lead to both the problems, there’s no real evidence that suggests dandruff can cause hair fall

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Preventive Measures And Treatment for Heavy Hair fall Due to Dandruff

Does dandruff cause hair fall for you? Maybe, you’re struggling with both dandruff and hair fall together. Let’s see how you can solve the problem of hairfall due to dandruff with some easy lifestyle changes that you can incorporate right away.

  1. Herbal or medicated shampoos- Getting the right shampoo treatment can help you reduce both dandruff and hair fall. If you think that dandruff causes hair fall, check the ingredients present in the shampoo, and refrain from using chemical laden products. You might need a medicated or herbal shampoo to help you get rid of these haircare woes. Using the Coco Soul Hair Care Combo can be beneficial if you’re facing such problems. Infused with the enriching power of organic coconuts, this shampoo and conditioner duo is packed with essential ayurvedic herbs that work their magic while treating the hair. While godapara and luniwala soothe the scalp and help in reducing dandruff, keekirindiya boosts blood circulation, which reduces hair loss.Here is our full range of organic hair care products.

  2. Moisturise well- Does dandruff cause hair fall? Yes, if your scalp is dry and lacks moisture. To hydrate and nourish your scalp well, you can massage it with some coconut oil. Pour a few drops of the Coco Soul Ayurvedic Dandruff Control Oil into your hair and massage it into your scalp with your fingertips. Coconut oil has antifungal properties that help increase blood circulation and add moisture to your scalp.

  3. Manage Stress- If you’re facing certain stressful situations daily, it can lead to a rise in fungal activity in your scalp, which can lead to hair fall due to dandruff. Take a break for a few minutes and spend time doing something that gives you peace. Managing your time better and planning in advance can also help combat stress.It would also help you greatly to know the many causes of dandruff, including dandruff in oily hair, dandruff in dry hair, and the different types of dandruff.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Does Dandruff Cause Hair Fall And Weaken Hair Roots?

      No, while dandruff alone doesn’t directly impact hair fall, it can lead to a lot of itchiness and irritation in the scalp, which can make someone scratch it often. Frequent and constant scratching can lead to redness, twisting and breaking of the hair follicles, which can weaken the hair roots, and result in hair loss. However, there’s no scientific evidence that directly holds dandruff responsible for hair fall.

    2. Is my hair fall related to dandruff?

      Even though dandruff doesn’t directly cause hairfall, there can be a possible link between the two. You might be experiencing a fungal or yeast infection in your hair, which can lead to dandruff, and also cause thinning of hair, leading to hair fall. If you’re facing dandruff, hair fall or other hair care concerns, you should eat foods that boost hair growth and shampoo regularly to keep your scalp clean. 

    3. Can dandruff be cured permanently?

      While there is no sure shot permanent solution that can help you say goodbye to dandruff forever, you can control the dandruff formation in your hair by keeping a general check on your lifestyle and hair care products. Wash your scalp regularly, and make sure it’s well moisturised too. Focus on your diet and give your hair the fuel that it needs.

      The hair on your head is often your best feature. Treat it right, and give it the nutrition and care that it deserves. Healthy hair is happy hair, and we at Coco Soul are here to help you achieve your hair goals, together!


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