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The Difference Between Body Butter And Body Lotion

Winter is here. This means you will spend most of your time standing in front of a skincare aisle, gazing in confusion at the various products, just to pick a simple moisturiser for your skin or understand what is a body butter. We all know moisturising is an important part of our skincare routine, especially when the weather turns cold and makes our skin dry. And moisturisation shouldn’t be limited to your face alone, your body needs equal amounts of nourishment and hydration. So what do you choose when you are contemplating the difference between body butter and body lotion? We suggest, pick up both and read on to know why.

difference between body butter and body lotion

Why is body lotion and body butter used?

Essentially, both body butter and body lotions are moisturisers but both of their formulations maintain different levels of your skin’s hydration level to give you a supple and soft skin. Benefits of body lotions and body butter closely differ because of textures, making them different from each other. So let’s understand the difference and the benefits of both.

benefits of body butter

What Is Body Butter and what are the benefits of body butter

Being thicker in consistency, body butters are formulated to intensely hydrate your skin by creating a rich layer of lotion. Commonly curated from natural ingredients, body butters are great moisturisers. Many are often confused on what is body butter actually and how it is different from lotion, and what are the benefits of body lotion.

  • Deep hydration:

If your body butter is infused with shea butter, cocoa butter, or coconut oil, your skin is going to love a slather and that is one of the benefits of body butter. These natural ingredients are known to deeply hydrate your skin, making it perfect to use for dry skin. Body butters penetrate deep into your skin and give you an irresistibly smooth skin.

  • Long- lasting effects:

Since body butter is thicker, they do not wash off your skin easily, giving it generous time to penetrate deep into your skin. The longer your moisturiser stays, the better are the benefits of body butter. Its effects are on your skin during the long tiring hours.

  • Perfect skincare:

Since body butter absorbs really well into your skin, it also prevents it from drying and reduces any eczema flares, dry patches, and even skin inflammation.

After a relaxing shower, take a generous amount of body butter, lather it all over your body and enjoy the nourishing effects it leaves on your skin.

what is a body butter

What is body lotion and what are the benefits of body lotion

Body lotions are lightweight moisturisers that are especially formulated with higher water content. The benefits of body lotion is that it can easily absorb into your skin and as they are lighter, they make a perfect pick for an everyday moisturiser. Let us find out what is body lotion and ways it benefits us.

body lotion

  • Non- greasy:

Being thinner in consistency, body lotions absorb very well into the skin. Because the body lotion is non-greasy and does not feel sticky to the skin, it prevents any dirt from sticking onto our skin and clogging the pores. Non-greasy formulation also keeps you from discomfort through the day of staying out in either heat or sweat

  • Locks in moisture:

Our skin often becomes dry due to cold weather, hot showers, shaving, sun damage and more. Applying a natural body lotion will help seal in the moisture, and keep your skin soft and hydrated at all times.

  • Comforts sore skin:

Inflamed or irritated skin needs more than just a cool shower. A comforting body lotion will soothe your ailing skin and hydrate it from within. If you opt for natural body lotion, the goodness of the natural ingredients will create a barrier between the environmental stressors and your skin to keep it protected from any damage.

The Key Factors To Determine Your Skin's Moisture Level

  1. Age
    The moisture in your skin is dependent on the hydration received by the uppermost layer of your skin. When you create a barrier between your skin, it prevents any moisture loss. As we age, our skin’s power to retain moisture in the skin lowers. This indicates that as we grow older, it becomes important for us to use products like lotions and body butters to supplement our natural skin’s moisture

  2. Genetics
    Believe it or not, but , our genetics also play an important role in the moisture content in our skin. Genes can influence most features of our body such as eye colour, hair texture, and height. Similarly, our skin can genetically have lower moisture levels.

  3. Environment
    If you live in the extreme hot or cold weather spectrum, your skin will contain moisture accordingly. Whether or not you stay in a cold climate, it is imperative to reap the benefits of body lotion or butter to protect your skin from temperatures, and from sun and pollution damages.

  4. Eating Habit
    No matter how perfectly aligned your skincare routine is, it will always come down to what goes inside your body that determines the health of your skin from the outside. Even if you haven’t used body butter or lotion, you can always eat right, drink plenty of liquids with essential minerals to maintain moisture in your body.
Here is our comprehensive guide on how to moisturise skin correctly and efficiently.

How To Choose Between Body Butter & Body Lotion:

  • When the colder days set in, spare extra time to moisturise really well with body butter to avoid any kind of dryness.
  • If you are picking a moisturiser for daily use, opt for a lightweight lotion that absorbs fast into the skin and does not leave a sticky feel to ruin your day outdoors.
  • Before hitting the bed, lather body butter as an overnight treatment to help restore lost moisture.
  • If you are prone to acne and breakouts, avoid using body butter. Due to its thick consistency, it may not be ideal for already clogged and inflamed skin.

While it may be confusing to choose between the benefits of body butter and body lotion, you do not have to settle for one. You can alternate between lotion and body butter depending on why you would like to use it. A skincare routine works best when it is free from chemicals such as silicone, sulphates, parabens, etc. If you are looking for a body lotion with natural ingredients, we recommend the body butter and body lotion by Coco Soul.

You can also refer to this blog to see how you can incorporate these products into a fully ayurvedic skincare regimen for your skin.

Body butter

Coco Soul’s body lotion and body butter is created with the wisdom of Ayurvedic herbs and the goodness of virgin coconut oil. Infused with aromatic ingredients such as sandalwood, welmi, shea butter, and lodhra, this combination is a magical elixir in a bottle. The textures of the body butter and body lotion are formulated to penetrate deep into the skin to leave you with a moisturised glow.

Frequently asked questions on difference between body butter and body lotion

1.Which is better - body lotion or body butter?

The difference between body butter and body lotion is that the lotions are light in texture and formulated for daily use during the day. Whereas body butter is used for deep hydration during the night or when you want to treat really touch dry patches. While both are equally effective, choosing body butter or lotion depends on the skin concern you want to treat.

2.What does body butter do that lotion doesn't?

Body butter is a thick-textured moisturiser, which can be used to protect your skin from really dry patches. Body lotions are moisturisers too but on the lighter side and may take a little longer to work.

3.Do you put body butter after lotion?

Body lotion and body butter are two different formulations and applying them together may not be ideal. You may apply the lotion in the day since it's lightweight and body butter before hitting the bed as it's thicker in consistency.


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