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Monsoon Skincare Guide: From One Lazy Girl To Another, This Easy Routine Will Save You!

I absolutely despise sweating! Living in a city that is so humid has been a nightmare for my skin. When it rains, it leaves the city damp and humid all day long. So what happens to my skin when it rains? The sebaceous glands  present in the skin cells on my face start producing more oil or sebum. 

This  made me sweat a lot, more than I usually do, making it difficult for me to save my skin from clogged pores and acne breakouts. That’s when I decided to look up monsoon skin care for oily skin and created my regimen with natural skin care options. And today I will be sharing with you some of my skincare tips that actually worked for me. 

As someone with a slightly sensitive, oily skin type, I lay out the red carpet for acne to enter if I'm not careful with my skincare routine. Struggling with allergies since the pandemic year of 2019, I've realised the boon that natural skin care is. Here's my routine inspired by ayurveda and organic remedies to help you create yours!

Monsoon Skin Care Tips In An Easy Monsoon Skincare Routine

My monsoon skincare tips include all-natural solutions, which are gentle on your skin and deeply nourish it.

  • Scrub less:

    As a part of the monsoon skincare routine, exfoliation is definitely recommended as it helps unclog my pores when the rains make my skin dull. However, avoid scrubbing frequently or excessively. Be gentle with your hands when you exfoliate your face, and practise exfoliation twice a week for best results.

    I’ve been using the Coco Soul Natural Face Scrub and it has been softer than most scrubs I have used in the past. It has extremely tiny particles in the scrubbing solution, which make the product gentle to use on my skin. It is 100% vegan, Ayurvedic, and Made Safe certified. Rest assured ladies, this one’s going to work wonders for you.
  • Multani-mitti face pack:

    This Fuller’s Earth face pack is not just a monsoon skincare boon, but has been saving my skin since my adolescent years! It is ideal to keep the oiliness in check, creating just the right amount of dryness to balance your skin’s natural oil.
  • Cleanse, and cleanse again:

    Using a face wash twice a day is the best monsoon skin care for oily skin. For me, I prefer using a natural face wash that is made with nature’s potent herbs, which I can use without worrying about my skin drying out completely.

    Enriched with  neem, gotukola, and virgin coconut oil, Coco Soul’s cruelty-free and all-natural Face Cleanser became my skin’s new best friend. During the monsoon season, it revitalised my skin by giving it a fresh and radiant look. 

    The next step is moisturisation. Once it is cleansed, as a monsoon special nourishment, I go the natural way of mixing honey and milk to moisturise my face. What's equally important is to make sure you apply a moisturiser on your body as well. In the next step, I used a paraben free lotion for this.

  • Moisturise with a lightweight lotion, not butter: 

    After using both, a body lotion and creamy body butter, I realised the butter was too much moisture for oily skin. 

    The Coco Soul Organic Body Lotion turned out to be  nourishing and the best choice for me. Made with sandalwood, welmi, and virgin coconut oil, it is a chemical-free lotion that has a lightweight texture. It hydrated, and moisturised my skin, with the vitamin C making it shine with radiance.

  • Less makeup and must-have makeup remover:

    This is a tip for all seasons, but following it specifically in your  monsoon skincare routine can greatly benefit you. As you already know, the moisture of the rainy season can stick to your skin and clog your pores. Make sure that you wear minimal makeup during monsoon, and remove it with an enriching balm to keep pimples away.

    Wondering why I mentioned a balm and not a makeup remover? Because for the first time ever, I tried a balm to remove my makeup and it worked like magic. The pure coconut-infused Coco Soul Melt-in Balm was so effective! Easily absorbed into my skin, it melted away all the makeup with one swift application.

    Because of my laziness in following a 10-step or 12-step routine, this simple regimen really helps my skin during the monsoon! These monsoon skincare tips may not cover all the dos and don’ts, but they’re from one lazy girl to another, so it will surely get you started! If you’re looking for more specific tips and home remedies, here are some articles on how to treat monsoon acne at home, and how to prevent monsoon hair fall.


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