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How To Create A Perfect Skincare Routine For Combination Skin

A combination skin type is a mix of oily and dry skin. Combination skin characteristics generally include  a dry chin, cheeks, forehead, and nose, and an oily T-zone. 

As a combination skin type, you often find yourself struggling  between skincare regimens for oily skin and skin care for dry skin. We are here to help you with a skincare routine for combination skin that works like a dream. 

When creating a skincare for combination skin, do you go for products that are targeted toward dry skin or choose the ones meant for oily skin? We’ll understand if you don’t have an answer to this. Things can get challenging for people with combination skin as you may have to try multiple products and follow many combination skin care routine tips before you find the right skincare routine for combination skin that tackles your dry patches as well as your oiliness.

What Causes Combination Skin?

Genetics plays a large role in determining what kind of skin you have, but it's not the only contributing factor. Environmental toxins, physical stress, and other factors can also have an effect on your skin type.

Also, on the off chance that you end up involving the wrong products in your skincare routine for combination skin, you could be accidentally aggravating your concerns.

Woman With Face Mask On T-Zone

What are the Signs of Combination Skin?

When you have combination skin, you might experience some greasiness in the T-zone area even after washing your face. If you use a moisturiser, you should steer clear of oily formulations as it worsens the case. 

Combination skin can also have patches of dry skin and breakouts, particularly if you're not using the right skincare products. People with combination skin can also notice unwanted shine along the T-zone and tend to sweat first in that area when it gets hot.

What's the Best Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin?

Every skin type  requires a unique skin care routine, so finding the right skincare for combination skin will require some trial and error. However, with commitment, you can find a skincare routine for combination skin that works for you. Here’s a skincare routine that can work well for combination skin type follow it up along with some combination skin care routine tips

Woman Washing Her Face
  • Step 1: Cleanse Your Skin Gently

    Every skincare routine for combination skin should begin with cleansing. You can think of it as creating a  base for a perfect routine, which  also helps your skin absorb products well into the layers. 

    Your skin attracts impurities during the day and produces excess oils in the evening. To remove impurities in the evening, use an oil cleanser first to remove the makeup, and then use water cleanser for the morning.
Organic Face Wash

If you are looking for the best skin care routine products for combination skin, we recommend using the Coco Soul face wash for starters. Powered by the goodness of gotukola, neem, and virgin coconut oil, this face wash  rejuvenates your skin and adds the perfect dash of hydration. Combine it with Coco Soul face scrub that will exfoliate your dead skin and leave a moisturised and supple skin. 

Woman Toning Face
  • Step 2: Exfoliate Your Face Gently

    If you use too much exfoliation or toner, you will negate any benefits and possibly worsen inflammation. It is best to use a gentle exfoliator or toner for oily skin.

    It is recommended to exfoliate in the morning and do it  1-3 times a week. Exfoliating also helps to increase cell turnover, making your skin smoother and more even.

  • Step 3:  Apply Face Oil/ Essence 

    When your skin's natural barrier is strengthened, it is able to protect itself from pollution, environmental irritants, and toxins in a better manner. Face oil and essences provide further nourishment and hydration to your skin, providing additional nutrition and hydration for your skin.
Woman Applying Cream On Her Face
  • Step 4: Apply a Lightweight Moisturiser

    It is tricky to moisturise combination skin. You cannot apply anything too heavy since that will increase the sheen on your T-zone.  But it is equally important to care for the drier areas of your skin that may not receive enough moisture from the product.

    Hence, consider using a lightweight cream during the day, and invest in an emollient serum or gel- based products for combination skin that contains antioxidants to ensure your skin has enough hydration. 

  • Step 5: Do Not Miss The SPF

    By protecting your skin from sun damage, you can slow down the signs of ageing. If you want to age gracefully and keep your skin protected from UV rays, and know how to take care of combination skin effectively, you must look for lightweight, matte formulations. A tinted 30+ SPF that has a matte finish is ideal.

    At first you may have to experiment a bit to find your perfect combination skin care routine. You may also have to  mix and match different products  to find the right concoction to manage your combination skin care routine efficiently.You must also check out our blog on ayurvedic tips for glowing skin to learn the best hacks for a perfect ayurvedic skin care routine.

And while you’re at it, make sure  that you set up a standard routine that works for you and stick to it.  You can make changes in your routine and opt for the best skin care routine products for combination skin depending on the changes you see in your skin conditions. Now that you've learnt about the ideal skin care routine for dry skin, head over to our blog on skin care routine for oily skin to learn how to get rid of oily skin.

Frequently Asked Questions on Combination Skin

  1. Does combination skin need moisturiser?

    In general, combination skin is shiny around the t-zone but dehydrated elsewhere, so having a light moisturiser that is water-based in your combination skin care routine will help restore balance to the complexion.

  2. How to take care of combination skin?

    • Use A gentle facial cleanser
    • Gently exfoliate
    • Hydrate your skin
    • Stop touching your face repeatedly
    • Use a blotting paper to remove excess oil from your face

  3. What are some must have products for combination skin?

    • Cleanser
    • Toner
    • Eye cream
    • Moisturiser
    • SPF


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