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A Simple Summer Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

The summers have finally begun. You’re going to experience a lot of sweating, oiliness and dirt on your skin due to the humidity in the environment. Instead of feeling the constant precipitation, you start experiencing a lot of dry skin in summer. Even though this is a common effect of the season, it can often be difficult to handle. So, let’s get rid of skin dryness in summer together by first understanding the impact of summers on the dry skin, followed by a proper summer skin care routine for dry skin that you can put into place today itself.You can find a more general summer skincare routine for normal skin on our other blog here.

Impact of Summers On Dry Skin

Even though the common perception associated with summers are skin humidity and oiliness, contrary to popular belief, there can be a great amount of skin dryness in summer too. Therefore, if you’re looking for a dry skin care routine in summer, it should focus on hydrating the skin and keeping it well moisturised. It should also keep the skin cool and calm, in order to battle the tough summers well.

Summer Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

To kickstart your summer skin care for dry skin, make sure you include summer skin care products for dry skin which are hydrating, nourishing and preferably oil-based. These are great for this particular skin type. Whether you’re looking for the best moisturiser for dry skin in summer, or a gentle face wash, make sure they are suitable for dry skin. Here’s how you can start of your summer skin care routine for dry skin along with the products you can use-

  1. CTM Process- The key to enjoying supple and moisturised skin is to include three essential steps in it- Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising. This is also known as the CTM Process. Start your skincare routine with an intensive cleansing process and finish it with what you feel is the best moisturiser for dry skin in summer. You can start cleansing your face with the Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash. This contains ayurvedic herbs like neem, turmeric and gotukola, which give you a hydrated and moisturised glow. Follow this up with a good toner and moisturiser to hydrate your skin further.
  2. More Moisture, Please!- To soothe and relax dry skin in summer, you may need more than one moisturiser. For this, you can use products like aloe vera gel and coconut oil which go the extra mile in nourishing and hydrating your skin. Aloe vera gel contains cooling ingredients which calm dry skin and repair damaged cells. Apart from aloe vera gel, you can also use coconut oil. Take a few drops of the Coco Soul Virgin King Coconut Oil and gently massage your skin with it. It leaves your body feeling incredibly moisturised and baby soft.

  3. Never Skip SPF- Whether you’re following a summer dry skin care routine or a skin care routine for any other skin type, it’s incomplete without a good sunscreen. Sunscreen is essential for this particular skincare routine for two reasons- summers call for greater skin damage from the sun, and the harmful UVB rays tend to dry up already dry skin, even further. Therefore, to protect your skin well in this routine, you need a moisturising sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 or above.

  4. Weekly TLC-  After subjecting your skin to the best moisturiser for dry skin in summer two things that you can do for your skin on a weekly basis are exfoliation and masking, to replenish its moisture content. Start by exfoliating with the Coco Soul Organic Face Scrub. It contains ayurvedic herbs and spices, which scrub off dead skin cells. Follow up your face scrub with a hydrating DIY face mask, to seal in the moisture content. For starters, you can try out the Yoghurt and Honey Facial Pack. Yoghurt retains moisture and softens your skin naturally.



Method: To create this moisturising face pack, mix two teaspoons of yoghurt with a teaspoon of honey and apply this mixture to your face until it completely dries. Once done, wash this off with lukewarm water to get nourished and radiant skin. If you’ve found the best moisturiser for dry skin in summer, you can follow up your mask with it, and give yourself the gift of soft and hydrated skin.If you have oily skin, you can refer to this blog on taking care of oily skin in summer instead!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How can I hydrate my skin in summer?

    You can hydrate your skin in summer by using skincare products that are designed to impart moisture and nourishment to your skin. Products like aloe vera gel and coconut oil are natural moisturisers, which make your skin feel hydrated and adequately moisturised. Along with this, certain face masks also have a gentle and nourishing effect on the skin. You can look for face masks with yoghurt and papaya in them for better results.

  2. Why is my skin so dry in the summer?

    There are a number of reasons that make your skin dry in the summer season. The most common reason is sweat. It causes excessive precipitation which makes you dehydrated from the inside and reflects as sweat from the outside. Apart from this, environmental stressors like sun damage, chlorineand exposure to air conditioners can also have a drying effect on the skin

  3. What should I apply on my dry face in the summer?

    Following a dedicated skincare routine, which focuses on products and ingredients that nourish and hydrate the skin helps. Include water and gel-based moisturisers, serums and toners in your skincare routine. These give your skin an extra boost of nourishment and help in the dry summers too.

    If you’ve got dry skin, get those products ready because it’s time to prepare for the summers. Along with treating your skin to the most moisturising and nourishing products out there, make sure you’re keeping yourself hydrated internally as well. Indulge in a healthy diet, complete with citrusy and juicy fruits, complemented with lots of water to give yourself that rich internal cleanse. Say hello to summers with smooth and healthy skin.


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