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Your Ultimate Guide To Smelly Feet In The Summers

All of us love the feeling of having baby soft feet. Despite the sweltering summer heat, we often wear socks to protect our feet in summers, and we like how soft it makes our feet. However, one disadvantage of wearing socks for too long is the smelly feet that come along with it. Foot odour also arises because of a number of other reasons. If you’re someone who faces this problem often, you must be constantly wondering about the solution. Well, if your search feed is flooded with queries likehow to stop smelly feetor ‘how to get rid of stinky feet’ or ‘why does my feet smell,  you’re not alone or helpless. We are here to help you understand the reasons and find effective solutions to deal with it. 

Guy With Smelling Feet

What Is The Cause Of Smelly Feet?

When we find our feet stinking, we generally don’t  know what to do about them, except for washing them or wearing our shoes back and promising to not remove them again. But instead of feeling embarrassed, let’s take a moment to understand how we got stinky feet in the first place. Just like other body parts, the tip of our feet contains sweat glands, which attract a lot of sweat throughout the day. If this builds up beyond a certain limit, it causes bacteria to form there, which feed on this sweat and dirt, leaving behind stinky feet, also known as a condition called Bromodosis. Sometimes Bromodosis also occurs due to fungal activity, resulting in athletes' feet. Other common factors causing foot odour include standing all day, hormonal issues, obesity, stress, exercise, poor hygiene and hormonal imbalance.

How To Get Rid Of Smelly Feet In Summers?

You know  your feet have been smelling for a few days, and that’s definitely a problem that you need to solve. But how are you going to take care of it? It’s always better to get the right Bromodosis treatment done at the right time, in order to prevent any problems in the future. You can try some home remedies for smelly feet. Let’s look at a few easy solutions that you can go after.

Bromodosis Treatment
  • Use The Right Ingredients- One well known and reliable smelly feet remedy is soaking your feet in warm water with a mix of either epsom salt or vinegar. Epsom salt helps pull out the moisture from the skin, which saves it from bacterial growth that is responsible for foot odour. In case you don’t have epsom salt, white or apple cider vinegar is a good alternative, as it makes the bacteria inhospitable, and protects your feet from odour. However, in case you have sore feet or scratches, avoid using vinegar on your feet. Apart from using these ingredients, you can also use antiperspirant soaps, lavender essential oils or antifungal sprays.
  • Notice Your Footwear- At times, when you’re busy looking for complicated home remedies for smelly feet, you don’t realise that the solution is probably lying at home, in your shoe rack. Here are a few footwear tips that can help you deal with smelly feet. While at home, try to roam bare feet to allow your feet some breathing space. If you’re wearing socks, opt for breathable fabric as well. With sandals or slippers, you can wear open toed shoes, for more aeration. Along with this, disinfect your shoes with a disinfectant spray or an antiperspirant spray.

Disinfecting Shoes With Spray

  • Add Some Fragrance Apart from the useful home remedies for smelly feet, give yourself some wholesome TLC, using a natural foot cream. This will not only make your feet smell nice, but will also give you a comforting massage, soothing out cracked heels and dry skin. A good option that you can choose is the Coco Soul Foot Cream from Coco Soul's Skincare range. Enriched with the natural goodness of neem, peppermint and virgin king coconut oil, this foot cream moisturises and repairs dull and cracked heels, curbs bacterial breakout, and makes your feet smooth and soft.Now that you know how to get rid of smelly feet in summer, you must also check out our blog on how to prevent tanning in summer.

Foot Cream


Are Stinky Feet A Sign Of A Medical Condition?

It’s natural to find your feet stinky and smelly, every once in a while. This doesn’t always hint at a medical issue. If you’re thinking about how to get rid of smelly feet, you can always do that using some natural remedies at home, along with maintaining daily hygiene. However, if your feet have a tendency to get overheated, it can lead to a condition called hyperhidrosis. A lot of fungal activity on the feet can also lead to a condition called athlete’s feet, which could be medically damaging in nature. So, make sure you’re taking the right steps towards footcare. In case of serious problems, consult a dermatologist or podiatrist at the right time.Summer heat can cause various other skin problems too, head over to our blog on summer skincare problems to learn more about them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you get rid of smelly feet in the summer?

    Smelly feet are very common in summers and monsoon, due to a high amount of moisture and humidity in the environment, which is an easy breeding ground for bacteria. You can get rid of smelly feet by wearing clean socks, comfortable footwear, and keeping your feet well washed and clean. Routine soaks using epsom salt and vinegar are also great for stinky feet.

  2. Why do my feet smell bad in the summer?

    Due to an excessive amount of humidity and moisture in the environment, your feet start sweating more than usual. This makes it an easy breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and all kinds of germs, causing your feet to become dirty and smelly in no time. With the right measures, you can prevent this from happening and ensure that your feet hygiene remains intact.

  3. What is a natural remedy for stinky feet?

    You can take care of your feet in the natural way using organic solutions at home itself. Soaking your feet in warm water, using the right ingredients keeps bacterial growth in check and takes good care of your skin. Keeping your feet clean and dry can take good care of it and protect it from any damage. A good natural remedy is to soak it in a bath made of epsom salt or vinegar.

    With the right care and treatment, you’ll be greeting moisturised and healthy feet in no time. Indulge in Coco Soul’s natural goodness and enjoy a wholesome foot massage every day. Your feet will thank you for all the love.


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