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Some Easy To Make Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

After a certain age, it’s very common to find certain parts of your body laden with whitish-pink stripes, popularly known as stretch marks. These suddenly form and take over a major chunk of your skin. You commonly find stretch marks due to a drastic change in your lifestyle. These include phases like pregnancy, adolescence, weight loss or weight gain. It could also be due to certain medical conditions. However, wherever they come from, they might often affect our physical appearance and might feel rough on the skin. And even though it’s not always possible to prevent or get rid of stretch marks, there are ways to remove stretch marks naturally. So, let’s explore some common, easy to make home remedies for stretch marks.


What Are Stretch Marks And Where Do They Come From?

Your skin is composed of three layers: the outermost Epidermis, the middle Dermis and the innermost Hypodermis. If you catch a certain skin infection on the epidermis, you can properly feel it from outside, in the form of a bump or a scratch. However, if it occurs in the inner layers of the skin, it’s often difficult to touch it or feel it. Stretch marks are formed in the middle dermis of the skin. Therefore, they appear in the form of dull stripes or indented streaks. These form when the connective tissue in the dermis stretches suddenly or is subject to rapid growth.You can find a full overview on the causes of stretch marks here.

Let’s look at some natural remedies for stretch marks, which you can easily create using ingredients at home.

Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

  1. Aloe Vera Gel And Coconut Oil- Aloe vera gel has healing properties. It helps in repairing damaged skin and since stretch marks can often be the result of post-pregnancy stretching, aloe vera gel can be soothing and calming. And is coconut oil good for stretch marks? Always! There’s no doubt in the effectiveness of coconut oil for stretch marks, as these are natural moisturisers that nourish and repair dry skin.

    Method: Extract some fresh aloe vera gel and mix two tablespoons of the Coco Soul Virgin King Coconut Oil with Vitamin E in it. Apply this paste gently on your stretch marks and rub it into your skin. Use this regularly to remove stretch marks on a gradual basis. Using coconut oil for stretch marks is one of the best remedies. It’s completely organic and cruelty-free, thus soaking your skin into the gentle blend of nature.
  2. Sugar Scrub- Microdermabrasion is supposed to be one of the few treatments that can help with stretch marks. So, for an effective stretch marks removal home remedy, a mildly abrasive exfoliant like sugar can help you get newer, and fresher skin. We already know that coconut oil for stretch marks is a great idea. And what’s better than using these two ingredients separately? Combining both and creating a nice DIY scrub!

    Method: For stretch marks removal at home, combine half a cup of sugar with about half a cup of the Coco Soul Virgin King Coconut Oil with Vitamin E, Mix it well to form a coarse paste and gently rub it into your skin. Rinse with cold water after leaving it on for some time. Repeat this two to three times every week for clear, glowing skin.Here are some more homemade body scrubs you can use to exfoliate your skin and give yourself the best chance to get rid of stretch marks.
  3. Potato Juice- If you need a quick DIY stretch mark removal solution, potato juice is a nice remedy. One of the best home remedies for stretch marks, potato juice contains catecholase, which is a natural skin bleaching agent. This helps lighten blemishes, scars, and its regular application can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

    Method: To remove stretch marks naturally using potato juice, take a potato and finely grate it. Extract the juice of this pulp and mix it with the finely grated potato. Apply this over your stretch marks, leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it off. Regular application of this product helps in stretch marks removal at home.For an even better skincare experience, you can check out our organic skincare products here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Will stretch marks go away if I lose weight?

    This differs from person to person. In some scenarios, weight loss is not exactly proportional to a reduction in stretch marks. In some cases, stretch marks arise due to a sudden gain or loss in weight. In other situations, stretch marks do occur due to sudden weight gain, but they fade over time as the body loses weight. Either way, there are loads of natural remedies for stretch marks that you can make use of to make them go away over time.

  2. Can you completely get rid of stretch marks?

    While you can make use of a nice stretch marks removal home remedy with easily available ingredients, you can’t 100% get rid of them. Applying a useful mask or cream can help you fade them out gradually over time, but there’s no surety of them disappearing completely.

  3. What is the fastest way to get rid of stretch marks?

    There is no single best remedy for stretch marks. However, using home remedies with naturally found ingredients is a good and safe place to start from. There are several masks and pastes that you can make at home using natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, coconut oil and olive oil. Regular application of these help in removing stretch marks over time.

    Stretch marks are a commonly occurring phenomena for most people. If you’re a female, pregnant or have just attained puberty, stretch marks are easy to catch onto. With the right kind of care and treatment, they also fade away over time. So, go find the best kind of treatment for yourself, and do away with those marks, once and for all to invite beautiful skin into your life!


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