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3 Effective Ways to Remove Wrinkles at Home Using Coconut based skin Oil

Ageing is a natural process and wrinkles and fine lines are the tell-tale signs of the same. But by indulging in the right kind of skin care, you can definitely slow down this process and remove or reduce the appearance of wrinkles for a longer time. While there is no magical potion that can help you achieve flawless, youthful skin overnight, there is one product that is nothing short of an elixir for your skin - coconut oil.  Because of its beneficial components and high moisture content, using coconut oil for wrinkles has proven to be the best remedy. 

Besides preventing wrinkles, coconut oil also has other beneficial properties that can help achieve  a youthful and beautiful appearance. Now the question is - how to use coconut oil for face wrinkles? Here is everything you need to know about coconut oil and how it helps remove wrinkles. 

Why do wrinkles appear? 

How to remove wrinkles from the face at home? Most of us are curious to get answers to this question. 

But before getting to the solution, it is always wise to understand the source of the problem. So, let’s find out the causes first. 

  • Due to Ageing

    The skin naturally becomes less elastic and more brittle as you age. Reduced natural oil production dries out the skin and makes it appear wrinkled. 
  • Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light

    Prolonged exposure to the sun speeds the natural ageing process. And when exposed to UV light, the skin's connective tissues break down, and with no support, the skin loses strength, which leads to skin sagging and the appearance of wrinkles. 
  • Smoking

    You might already  know the side-effects of smoking.  But did you know that excessive  smoking can contribute to wrinkles and speed up the normal ageing process? This mainly happens because of smoking's effect on collagen. 

Can you use coconut oil to get rid of wrinkles?

For wrinkle treatment? Yes, you can use coconut oil for wrinkles, just like a serum. Use it twice a day on a cleansed face. Take  a tiny amount of oil  and spread it gently across  the face. If you want to apply another product along with it, you can do it once the oil gets dry. 

Coconut oil is excellent for the skin as it keeps the skin hydrated and prevents sagging. Besides, it also promotes the production of new cells because of its fatty acids and vitamin E properties. 

 If you want to know how to remove wrinkles naturally at home, then make coconut oil a part of your skincare routine. 

3 Ways to use coconut oil to remove wrinkles at home

When combined with the right product, coconut oil is excellent for your skin. However, one must know how to use coconut oil for wrinkles, considering there are multiple ways to use it.  So, here are some ways listed below that you can use and decode how to remove wrinkles:

Coconut Oil For Wrinkles

First Method:  Coconut Oil and Castor Oil Mix 

One of the first ways you can use coconut oil to get rid of wrinkles is to mix it with castor oil. 

Step 1

 Take 2-3 drops of castor oil

Step 2.

Mix it with some drops of coconut oil

Step 3

Blend it in your face gently and leave it for at least an hour or keep it overnight


Coconut Oil And Honey Mask

Second Method: Coconut Oil and Honey Mask  

Are you struggling to find out different ways on how to remove wrinkles from the face at home? Try mixing coconut oil with honey, and see what happens in a few days as you do it regularly. 

Step 1

In a bowl, mix 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Step 2

Apply the mixture on your face

Step 3

Leave it for about an hour for better results 


Step 4

Rinse it off with cold water 


Coconut Oil And Turmeric Mask

Third Method: Coconut oil and Turmeric Pack

Another effective way you should know about how to remove wrinkles from the face at home is to use coconut oil with turmeric, and here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Take some coconut oil and add a pinch of turmeric to it 

Step 2

Mix it well and apply the mixture to your face 

Step 3

Once applied all over the face, leave it on for 20 minutes 

Step 4

Gently rinse it off with water and pat dry 

Pro tips

Coconut oil is an easy and affordable solution for wrinkles. Coconut oil has anti-ageing properties with absolutely no side effects. So, would you like to check out some hand-picked ways to revitalise your skincare routine? Here they are - 

Before applying coconut oil to get rid of wrinkles, make sure you clean your face with cold water.

Apply and follow this skincare routine before going to bed and  keep it overnight. This is another useful tip when you are figuring out how to remove wrinkles naturally at home.Check out our blog on how to get rid of wrinkles to learn more such tips.

Just make sure to eat and maintain  a healthy diet because poor eating habits are the main culprit why your skin is facing so many problems including wrinkles. 

Over exposure in the sun can be another reason why you are experiencing wrinkles. So make sure to cover yourself properly when heading out in the sun. Also remember to apply lots of sunscreen on your skin to get rid of wrinkles. And for added nourishment and moisturisation, use the CocoSoul Natural Body Butter Cream as it will rejuvenate your skin with extra smoothness as it is derived from raw coconut oil and is 100% chemical-free. What’s more, it is pure vegan.To tackle more such skin diseases naturally, head over to our blog on ayurveda for skin diseases.

How to remove wrinkles completely? Follow the previous tips, and in addition to it, don’t go out in the sun too much to prevent your skin from sun damage and other skin concerns.

You need to maintain a properly balanced diet, stop eating oily and junk food items, do exercise regularly and reduce smoking.

Frequently Asked Questions How to Remove Wrinkles With Coconut Oil

  1. Is coconut oil good for wrinkles around the eyes? 

    Coconut oil helps tighten, plump, and repair skin, so it will prevent wrinkles around the eyes and fine lines. However, adding castor oil with coconut oil is a great remedy for how to remove wrinkles naturally at home around the eyes. 

  2. Why is coconut oil good at reducing wrinkles? 

    It fights free radicals that damage the skin, and coconut oil has anti-ageing properties, preventing wrinkles from making an appearance. 

  3. Which oil is best for skin tightening? 

    Coconut oil effectively moisturises skin and seeps deep into the layers, and nourishes the skin. Therefore, coconut oil has amazing skin tightening and antioxidants properties. 


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