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Is Urea Good For Your Skin? An Overview Of Its Benefits And Drawbacks

Healthy glowing skin is a dream for many. But not everyone is lucky enough to get that glowy glamorous skin. Isn't it? The appropriate amount of moisture is a trait of healthy skin. These days there are various creams and lotions available in the market that can help you get healthy skin. 

But remember these products come with various chemical ingredients that can affect the skin in the long run. Wondering what can be used as an alternative? Urea is the best option here. So if you want the best skin health possible then you surely need to add urea to your skincare regime. And here is everything you should know about it. 

Urea In A Sack

What is urea?

Urea is also known as carbamide, which is basically a waste product and the liver produces this after the body breaks down proteins. It is a naturally occurring chemical molecule and acts as a humectant. It is a colourless organic compound and is used in a variety of beauty products to help the skin maintain moisture. 

Woman Moisturising Hands

Benefits of Urea for Skin

Wondering about the benefits of using urea for skin? In dermatology, urea is used for its unusual dual effect, which gently moisturises and exfoliates softly. Besides, here are some other benefits of urea in skin care that you should probably know :

  • Improves Barrier Function

    One of the ways urea benefits the skin is by enhancing the skin's barrier function. It allows the skin to function strong and healthy. Urea for skin also helps in treating skin conditions like eczema. 

    Besides, you can also prevent eczema flares by using the Coco Soul Body LotionIt is enriched with coconut, sandalwood and Ayurvedic ingredients that make it free from chemicals and parabens. It can soothe any eczema flares and keeps the skin nourished all day along with promoting cellular repair.
  • Intensely Moisturising

    Because urea is water-loving it has a fantastic ability to hold onto water molecules, keeping the skin moisturised. Even though it contains a lot of water, it can quickly absorb water and moisturise the skin cells. 
    Woman Using Face Pack
  • Natural Exfoliant

    Urea is keratolytic at a high percentage, which helps to release scaly dead skin to enable exfoliation and boost cellular turnover. It simply takes away all dead cells and dust particles present in the skin. 
  • Reduces Pain

    Another benefit of urea is that it helps in reducing pain. When applied topically it may have a slight pain relief effect on the skin along with reducing itching and local pain. It can also stop the cycle of flares up and inflammation. 

Uses of Urea in Skincare

No doubt, urea cream uses has several benefits and for this reason, it has several different uses in skin care including :

  • Dry Skin

    Lack of water and oil in the surface layer of your skin causes dry skin, which leads to skin becoming scaly, itchy and cracked. This means reduced urea levels can decrease the skin's ability to bind water leading to irritation, tightness, roughness and flaking. This is where urea cream comes in as when given topically it maintains a healthy barrier function by strengthening the defences of your skin.
    Natural Body Lotion

    After that, you can also use Coco Soul Body Lotion which helps in keeping the skin moisturized with its coconut oil, sandalwood and welmi ingredients. Also, it is free from chemicals like paraben and sulphate. The best thing is that it can repair sun damage and fight skin dullness. Here is the best skincare routine for dry skin.
  • Foot Care

    Another way urea cream can be used is for foot care. As urea can reduce skin inflammation and can offer instant relief to dry skin it can be used for cracked heels too. Therefore, regular use of a cream or lotion containing urea can keep the foot's skin moisturised and help avoid these issues. You can also keep a check on using urea cream before and after results.

    Besides, you can also use Coco Soul Foot Cream. It has the benefits of neem, coconut, Ayurveda and peppermint. It is also free from paraben and sulfate-like chemicals. This natural foot cream is the perfect choice to repair damaged heels, giving feets complete relief. Be it for soothing the skin or healing cracks, it can help you pamper your feet in all ways. Learn all the benefits of foot cream here.
     Foot Cream

Drawbacks of Urea

Just like the benefits, there are also urea cream side effects. So some consumers of urea-containing products may experience negative effects such as itching, stinging, redness, peeling skin, irritation as well as burning. As there are possibilities of urea cream side effects, keep in mind that urea-containing skin care products are only intended for topical application. So if you notice something unusual or accidentally eat something, see a doctor right away.

Pro Tips

  • On or close to open wounds or burns, make sure not to apply urea cream. 
  • If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use urea-containing skin care products. 
  • Stay away from urea if you've sensitive skin and avoid using it on your vagina or rectum.
  • Avoid not getting it in your mouth, nose and eyes. 
  • After urea cream uses on your skin, make sure to stay away from water for at least a few hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Drawbacks and Benefits of Urea on Skin 

  1. What Does Urea Do to the Skin?

    Urea helps in breaking down nitrogenous chemicals in the body and maintaining the skin barrier. It also protects the skin from external environmental elements. By simply using urea-containing products you can spot the difference between urea cream before and after results. 
  2. Can I Use Urea On My Face?

    Urea has anti-itch properties and helps fight against acne-causing bacteria. As it has superpowers for hydration and exfoliation, urea can be used on the face. So adding this amazing ingredient to your skincare regime will surely benefit you and your face. 
  3. Is Urea Anti-ageing?

    Yes, urea for the skin has anti-ageing benefits since it helps with the skin's natural hydration process. Urea cream uses components that lower cycles of inflammation and flares up. Urea levels decline with ageing as a result making your skin more prone to inflammation and dryness. 


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