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5 Common Shower Mistakes That Are Affecting Your Skin Health!

Does hot water damage skin? Should we shower right after a workout? How frequently should we wash our hair? So many questions… so little time! What are shower mistakes? They are myths, misconceptions, and errors to watch out for! Let’s get to the bottom of this.

 Woman In Bath Towel

Five Shower Mistakes

  1. Bathing too often

    How often should you shower? There’s no single right answer, but a variety of answers – because every person is different, their skin is different, it reacts differently to being washed and the climate, culture, and habits also play a key role in determining the frequency of showering.

    Euromonitor International’s 2014 study on global bathing habits highlights how culture can affect your bathing habits – people in the US shower less than seven times a week, people in the UK, China, and Japan only five times a week, and those in Brazil shower 12 times a week!

    Apart from cultural habits and weather conditions, what are the scientific reasons behind this? Showering or bathing too often can cause the natural healthy oils and ‘good’ bacteria from your skin to strip away. This results in dry, itchy, and cracked skin.

    The top layer of your skin is your protective barrier, containing hard dead skin cells held together by fatty acids and helping your inner layers maintain the moisture needed by your skin. This process is disrupted if you shower too often, giving your skin less and less time to repair itself, and protect itself. Your hair issues could also be a result of hard water. Read here to find out more about this possibility!

  2. Using hot water

    Does hot water damage skin? Too much of it, too hot, yes it does. We all love our long, piping-hot showers after a heavy and tiring day, but this habit can harm our skin. Although it feels great, hot water strips your skin of its natural, nourishing, and healthy oils leaving it dry and itchy. How can you fix this? By reducing the temperature, using hot and cold in moderation, and feeling the goodness of a shower with lukewarm water.

    The duration of a shower can also affect the natural oils in the top layer of your skin. Try and keep it within ten minutes, especially if you have a skin condition like eczema or psoriasis
    Shower With Hot Water

  3. Massaging your scalp hard

    When you wash your hair during your shower or bath, how hard do you press into your scalp to massage it? Massaging it well is something we have seen the salon staff do, but how do you do it for yourself when you wash your hair at home? There are two ways you can get a salon-style wash at home – avoid using your fingernails and use a mild, gentle hair cleanser.

    Scrubbing your scalp has never felt more refreshing than it does during the hotter months now! You may feel like washing your hair more often, but that may not be the solution. The solution is to give your scalp a good massage every time you wash your hair. Go for paraben-free shampoos like the Coco Soul’s Natural Hair Cleanser, rich in coconut, kikirindiya and godapara, gently yet effectively washing your hair with Ayurvedic goodness! And use your fingertips to work up a lather.
    Woman Washing Her Hair

  4. Using wrong soaps and shampoos

    One of the major causes of skin damage is soap. Is soap bad for your face? We know it is supposed to leave our skin feeling clean and refreshed, but the surfactants in soap can harm our skin. A shower gel is ideal in this case. Try the Coco Soul Natural Shower Gel, which is natural, 100% vegan, infused with Ayurvedic herbs like turmeric and gotukola, and is helpful in purifying and rejuvenating your skin. Read this blog if you want to know more about the differences between soap and shower gel?

  5. Washing your hair too often

    How often to bathe or wash your hair? People who have thin or weak hair should avoid washing it every day. Two times a day is recommended to allow your scalp and hair moisture to stay balanced through the week.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bathing (FAQs)

  1. What should you not do in the shower?

    Become aware of the causes of skin damage so you know what no to do. Do not use the wrong soap, use a dirty towel, not clean your scrubs, use too much hot water, or wash your hair too often.

  2. Is it okay to shower once a month?

    Should you shower everyday? YES. How often to wash hair? Unless you have an oily scalp, you probably don’t need to wash your hair daily. If you have curly, coarse, or chemically treated hair, wash your hair less often to keep it from getting too dry.

  3. How do you properly take a shower?

    Bathe once a day, use lukewarm or cold water, gently massage a nourishing mild shampoo into your scalp, use a body cleanser or shower gel instead of soap, and avoid washing your hair every day.


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