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AM vs PM Skin Care Routine? Understanding The Difference

What’s the first step while creating a skincare routine? Identifying your skin type. Next step? Choosing the products. Next step? Layering or order of the products. The former two steps are incomplete without this decision – are you planning a morning skincare routine, or night-time skincare routine, or both? This is what the beauty world  calls AM skincare and PM skincare routines. Let’s look at AM vs PM skincare in this article, so you can build your own regimens.

 Cosmetics For Night And Day Time

What Is The Difference Between Daytime And Nighttime Skin Care Routines?

When you’re deciding which products go into your skincare routines, the goal is to give your skin what it needs, what it wants, what it is desperately asking you for. Your daytime or AM routine should focus on keeping your skin safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun, grime, dirt, pollution, and sweat. The best night skincare routine or your PM routine should offer  rejuvenation, restoration, repair, and all-round skin treatment at night.

Your Skincare Routine Order Morning And Night – At A Glance

While the order or products may get confusing, what’s most important is the  products you include in the morning skincare routine vs the night skincare routine - and how you layer them. Here’s a guide to understand the difference between the two routines, so you can put together the best skin care routine order for morning and night.

Woman Cleaning Face

AM or Morning Skin Care

Here’s a comprehensive look at morning skin care routine steps, benefits, goals, and the products recommended to use in an AM skincare routine.

  • The goal is protection of your skin, as you step into a new day. Shielding your skin, saving it from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and free radicals is the focus here. A morning routine prepares your skin, strengthens the barrier, and preserves the nourishment in your skin to last throughout the day.
  • The products and order in which you can layer them are a cleanser or face wash, an exfoliating face scrub (two times in the week), a hydrating serum (optional), and moisturiser with SPF. Here’s a break down of the steps:
    1. Cleansing: When we sleep at night, we obviously do not sleep firmly in the same position all night. Moving from one side to another, switching our face sides on the pillow, and other factors cause hair oils and your saliva to touch your face. This needs to be thoroughly cleaned, and a mild face wash can do the trick here.
    2. Exfoliating: When you use a face scrub to rid your skin of dead skin cells, you are exfoliating your skin to boost the growth of new skin cells. Wash off dirt and oil from your face, revealing brightened skin, when you use a naturally exfoliating face scrub. 
    3. Hydrating (optional): Using an antioxidant serum with vitamin C for daytime is highly recommended to keep your skin free from inflammation and uneven skin tones. You can learn more about the benefits of using vitamin C for skin care here.
    4. Moisturising: Moisturising not only hydrates your skin, but seals the nourishment and goodness of  the products mentioned  above. Choosing a lotion or cream with a good level of SPF (sun protection factor) is ideal, as it works like a moisturiser and sunscreen for your skin.
  • The benefit of a morning routine: Your skin tends to dry out at night. This is why you see dull skin when you wake up. A morning routine revives it, by removing dead skin cells, and softly moisturising it. It protects your skin for the day that lies ahead of you.
Woman Applying Cream On Face

PM or Night-time Skin Care

Here’s a comprehensive look at night skin care routine steps, benefits, goals, and the products recommended to use in an AM skincare routine.

  • The goal is to repair the skin. When you sleep, your skin possesses the ability to repair itself. What your skin needs is your help - in restoring and healing itself, in rejuvenating overnight, and renewing its cells. Regeneration is another key element here, which re-energises your skin as you sleep. 
  • The products and order in which you can layer them are a healing melt-in balm for the face, a cleansing oil or face wash, a natural or herbal face mask (two times in a week), and a night cream. Breaking down the steps, we have:
  1. Healing: To ensure your skin stays soft, supple, and healthy, you should put in an equal amount of effort to apply and remove your makeup. Or, if you don’t apply makeup, this step is an initial step of pampering for you! A hydrating, nourishing balm that melts in your skin is what you need.
  2. Cleansing: When you remove your makeup, or sit down with your skincare, you need a product to wash away the makeup residue or day’s impurities. This is where cleansers come in and a mild cleanser is the best choice.
  3. Rejuvenating: Night masks are a magical treatment method to give you glowing skin the next day. Rejuvenate your skin, with natural ingredients in a face mask that gently soothe and heal it, before you slip away into blissful sleep. 
  4. Moisturising: The most important night care essential, a moisturiser that it gentle on your skin is the last step. Apply it using circular motions from the centre outwards, massaging it well. It will reduce puffiness, boost circulation, and energise your skin overnight, and give you supple skin the next morning.

  • The benefit of a night routine: Our skin is healing at night, as we sleep. You can enhance this healing with products that soothe, cleanse, rejuvenate, replenish, and regenerate your skin. Thus, repairing your skin as it repairs itself. 

  • Coco Soul’s Top Picks For Your Morning And Night Skincare Routines:

    • Your ideal multi-tasker, Coco Soul’s pure coconut and coconut oil infused Melt-in Balm is all the nourishment you need. Ayurvedic goodness packed in a jar, it melts into your skin as soon as you apply it. It is your makeup remover and healing balm, and more!

    • The Coco Soul Natural Face Wash is just what your face needs. Rich in neem, virgin coconut oil, and gotukola, it revitalises the face in just one wash!
    • Coco Soul’s Exfoliating Face Scrub is a gentle scrub to wash away the dead skin cells from your face. The all-natural, 100% vegan, Made Safe certified scrub is soft, light in texture, and smoothly slathers onto your skin.

    Your AM and PM skincare routines will ensure your face is taken care of. Whether it is at the beginning of your day or before you go to sleep, go one step further and moisturise your body as well. It is, after all, what keeps you going!

    • If you’re looking for a daytime skin moisturiser for your body, the Coco Soul Natural Body Lotion is a great choice. Powered with sandalwood, welmi, and virgin coconut oil, it has a luxuriously silky and non-greasy consistency. This natural body lotion's lightweight texture melts to penetrate deep into the skin cells.
    • If you’re looking for a night cream for your body, Coco Soul’s Organic Body Butter is a bottle of Ayurvedic goodness you’ll love. It smells like heaven and works like magic! Rich in shea butter, lodhra, and virgin coconut oil, it restores your skin and makes it glow.

    Tips To Take Care Of Your Skin (Do's And Don’ts)

    Dos for healthy skin

    Don’ts for healthy skin

    Do use sunscreen

    Don’t tan

    Do wear a hat and sun-protective clothing, and do use sunscreen

    Avoid sun exposure for a prolonged time, to avoid sunburns and tanning

    Do exercise, eat healthy, and hydrate daily

    Don’t smoke or apply chemicals

    Do cleanse, moisturise, exfoliate

    Don’t pop zits, or take too much stress 


    Frequently Asked Questions on Skin Care Routines (FAQs)

    1. Should your morning and night skin care routine be the same?

      Looking back at the morning and night skin care routine steps, you now know the best morning skin care routine and the best night skin care routine! They most likely follow the same steps – cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, tone, moisturise. However, some skincare products that should be applied, in the morning and at night, can vary.

    2. Can you have the same morning and night skincare routine?

      Depending on your skin type, you can use the same product morning and night, or you may choose one that contains SPF in the morning and a more hydrating, creamier product for night.

    3. What serum should I use at night?

      The best night skin care routine involves the use of a serum to wash away the dirt and impurities that accumulate on your skin throughout the day. Coconut oil is a blessing for your facial skin. It contains nourishing fatty acids and linoleic acids which help retain the moisture in the skin and help protect and hydrate your skin. It is the best serum to use at night.


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