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Sulphate free natural body lotion for dry & sensitive Indian skin

Who doesn’t love a good skincare routine with face washes that foam generously and moisturisers that lather adequately? But are we cautious of what goes inside our skincare products?

Caring for your skin with a routine that works best for you is the easiest way to ensure healthy skin for years to come. But your efforts can go in vain if your products and ingredients are laden with harsh chemicals, as you will end up exposing your skin to more harm than good. But how do we distinguish the good, the bad, and the ugly in your skincare products?

Have you ever layered your face regularly with a moisturising cream only to realise your skin is getting drier and more sensitive? One of the reasons could be the presence of ingredients such as sulphates, which are added as emulsifiers.

sulphate free moisturiser

What are emulsifiers and are they bad for skin?

Emulsifiers have molecules in them that help bind the oil-based and water-based ingredients in your skincare products and allow them to mix well permanently. This makes your moisturisers and body lotions easier to apply and leaves you with smooth skin.

Since emulsifiers work well to give you smooth moisturisers, it must be a harmless ingredient right? Wrong! Emulsifiers work just like surfactants, which are known to disrupt the skin's pH balance and weaken the skin’s barrier against sun and environmental damages. If you have inflamed skin, using an emulsifying moisturiser will only worsen your skin condition. Sulphate- free moisturiser also has surfactants.

Surfactants such as Sodium lauryl sulfate are widely infused in moisturisers and if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid sulphates in your skincare regime and choose natural moisturiser for dry skin instead.
You can read about all the various harmful effects of sulphates on skin on our blog here.

natural moisturiser for dry skin

Benefit of sulphate-free body lotion for dry and sensitive skin

  1. Restores your Skin's natural mositure:
    Our skin produces natural oils that keep our skin nourished. When we use sulphates, the natural oil in our skin is stripped off. To compensate for the moisture loss, our skin produces more sebum making our skin oily and prone to acne. Sulphate-free body lotions don’t strip off the natural oil from the skin and keep it hydrated at all times.
  2. Soothes your skin:
    Essentially, every body lotion and moisturiser is meant to have a cooling effect on your skin. However, if your body lotion contains sulphates, it will eventually lead to irritation and inflammation. Using sulphate-free body lotions and moisturisers will ensure your skin is free from any irritation, receives adequate moisturisation, and is supple as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  3. Beneficial for the environment:
    With ‘clean beauty’ gaining momentum everyday, going sulphate-free is the best way to make a positive contribution towards the environment. Sulphates, when released in the water bodies, can disrupt the respiratory tract of aquatic lives and are hazardous to their health. Going sulphate-free is not only beneficial to your skin but to aquatic lives too.

Things to consider when purchasing a sulphate- free body lotion

If you are planning to change your skincare regimen and opt for sulphate-free body lotion, cream, and more, there are a few things you may need to take a note of.

  1. Invest in a sulphate-free body lotion, which suits your skin type. Chances are the natural ingredients present in the body lotion may not suit your skin entirely. So, make a note of the ingredients and research about its effects on your skin before fully committing to the product.
  2. Since sulphate- free body lotions aren’t extremely thick due to lack of emulsifiers, which thicken lotions and moisturisers. Therefore it is best to use the body lotion right after taking a shower as it will spread across your skin properly and will be absorbed easily.
  3. Unlike the chemical-laden products, organic and sulphate-free products will take time to work well on your skin and it is important to be patient with its results.
In addition to using sulphate free body lotion, you can also read about the benefits of using a sulphate free shampoo to reduce your exposure to the chemical in all forms!

    Try Coco Soul:

    If reading the negative effects of sulphates make you want to reach out for a sulphate-free lotion, we recommend you try Coco Soul’s best natural body lotion for dry skin.

    • This body lotion for sensitive skin is infused with virgin coconut oil and Ayurvedic herbs. The potent herbs such as sandalwood and welmi are known to repair sun damage and prevent skin dullness.
    • This natural body lotion is free from chemicals like petrolatum, DEA, parabens, sulphates, and also detests animal testing.
    • It is certified by MadeSafe® and is safe to be used on your skin.
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    Frequently asked questions on sulphate- free natural body lotion sensitive skin

    1.What is the best natural body lotion for dry skin?

    The best lotion for dry skin are those that are free from any harsh chemicals such as parabens and sulphates. Try Coco Soul body lotion for sensitive skin as a natural moisturiser for dry skin .

    2.Why should you use sulphate- free body lotion?

    If you have sensitive or dry skin, sulphates may be extremely harmful to your skin as they clog your pores and cause acne. Even if your body lotion for dry skin contains a lesser amount of SLS or SLES, it will still have negative effects on your skin if you use it frequently.

    3.What are the benefits of using sulphate-free body lotion?

    Amongst many benefits of sulphate- free moisturiser, the best lotion for dry skin leaves your skin supple, prevents rash and other skin conditions, and retains your natural oil balance.


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