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Why I Chose The Botanical Route To Skin Care

Oats And Berries For Skincare

What is the meaning of ‘vegan’ skin care? Is it similar to ‘botanical’ skincare products and ‘plant-based’ labels? Yes, it is – the ingredients are derived from plants like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and seeds, nuts. The products are formulated with plant extracts, oils, and in the cases of DIY solutions, the actual leaves, flowers, and seeds are used too! In other words, you can say hello to calm, balanced, and replenished skin with botanical skin care.

What does ‘cruelty free’ skin care mean? It means the products are not tested on animals, and are safe to use on our skin. When you not only take care of your skin, but also of the environment, and of animals that coexist with you, this is when you make a world of  difference.

Flowers & Leaves For Skin

Vegan Skin Care Benefits – Why I Chose Coco Soul

What made me take the botanical route? I started a vegan diet, which made me more active, made my skin glow, and my lifestyle healthier. So, when I came across vegan skin care products from Coco Soul, I thought to myself: How interesting! There are plant-derived ayurvedic herbs in my products! So, I tried them, and here’s why I loved it:

Serum Bottle With Leaves
  • Chemical-free:

    my skin became sensitive, I switched to natural skin care. This made me realise what the chemicals were doing to my skin. When I started using the Coco Soul Melt Balm at night, to cleanse my face and moisturise my hands, I saw it get absorbed almost immediately into my skin. Waking up to soft hands, and clean skin was the result.

  • Choosing kindness:

    Be kind to your skin, animals, and the environment. When a product is not tested on animals, and is derived from nature, you’re essentially giving back to nature. I trusted Coco Soul’s Made Safe certified cruelty free skin care, and felt better about myself when I used the products. Here are some benefits of cruelty-free skincare to convince you to join me as well!

    Flowers, Leaves, And Cosmetic Bottles
  • Rich ingredients:

    Trying a DIY recipe or herbal remedy for your skin is as good as choosing a botanical skincare product, without much hassle. The vitamins, essential fats, antioxidants, and naturally-occurring compounds in plants or herbs nourish your skin. Personally, my skin is prone to acne and ingredients like neem and aloe vera help with my skin’s concerns. However, to directly apply neem on the my face frequently was not ideal. Instead, Coco Soul’s neem-infused Revitalising Face Cleanser gently cleansed my face to help it glow on the inside and outside.

  • Yes to vegan:

    Vegan is for you if animal welfare is something you resonate with. Caring for animals is part of human nature, and vegan skin care is the way we stand by it in the world of skin care and beauty. Free from any animal ingredient, Coco Soul’s 100% vegan and organic products help me expand my tiny ecological footprint. Here is some more information on just what vegan beauty is, and why it's important! 
    Coconut & Coconut Butter On Leaf
    If you loved what you just read above, I hope my story of switching to botanical products has helped you make your choice. Choosing to care for the planet, plants, animals and nature always feels more rewarding than anything else – trust me!


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