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The Ultimate Guide On Combination Skin Care

Is your face oily in some places and dry in others? Chances are that you have combination skin. Balancing between two opposite skin types may seem tricky, but it is a lot easier if you do it right. In fact, some dermatologists consider combination skin healthier than other skin types. If you know how to take care of combination skin, your body can retain oil and moisture in a better capacity. In case you're still confused about what is combination skin and what are the ways in which you can treat it, we've got your back.

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What Is Combination Skin?

Woke up in the morning and felt a familiar greasy sensation in your t-zone, once again? You might shake your head and think that you have oily skin. You might be right if your entire face feels oily, but if the rest of your face feels dry, your analysis may be incorrect. Chances are that you may be experiencing combination skin. Combination skin means that your skin has different sensations on different areas of your face. 

Wondering how to identify combination skin? If you have combination skin, your face might feel like a buffet of different skin types. It is important to note that the skin has a tendency to get oilier in the T-zone. Hence, your skin can feel both dry and oily at the same time.

Now that you know what combination skin is, it’s time for you to find the right combination skin care routine, which targets your skin’s unique concerns. This will help you understand how to treat combination skin and give your skin a healthy and nourished look. 

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What causes combination skin?

In order to understand how to take care of combination skin, you need to first understand what causes combination skin. Your skin type depends heavily on the genes you inherit from your parents. Apart from that, weather changes, hormonal activity and the type of skincare products you use can also contribute to combination skin. 

While some skin care products contain harsh ingredients that dehydrate some parts of your face, they also stimulate excess oil production in other parts, especially in the T-zone. An example of this kind of formula are cleansers and toners that contain denatured alcohol and menthol that leave your skin feeling scratchy and dry. 

How can you take better care of combination skin? Finding tips for combination skin care will help you balance your different skin types. You will need a routine for combination skin care that helps you treat both oily and dry skin, equally.

You must also check out our blog on types of skin problems to learn about the common skin problems for different skin types.

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How to take care of combination skin

Combination skin care might seem difficult but it is actually easy if you have the correct information. To help you achieve the right kind of treatment, we’ve put together some tips for combination skin care. Additionally, it’s important to find products that work on the different skin types of your face, and do not irritate or dehydrate your skin. In this way, you can seek the right kind of combination skin care. 

Focusing on dry areas is key to understanding how to treat combination skin. Using harsh cleansers confuses your sebaceous glands and triggers excessive oil production. Your skincare routine must be guided by your drier areas instead. 

Wondering what is combination skin best compatible with? Mild and organic skincare. Using gentle cleansers, and calming toners will help you balance combination skin. True, exfoliating will save your pores from becoming clogged by excess oil but exfoliation can also irritate dry skin. So what’s the perfect solution, you ask? Go for a mild and gentle exfoliant.You can try the Coco Soul Face Scrub from Coco Soul face care range. This organic face scrub is enriched with the ayurvedic goodness of virgin king coconut oil, venivel and sandalwood. Virgin king coconut oil promotes cellular repair and gives you a healthy glow. Venivel gently exfoliates the skin and unclogs pores.

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How To Deal With Extreme Combination Skin

If you are struggling with extreme combination skin you might experience excess oil in your T-zone while other parts of your face can feel very tight and dry. In such a situation, knowing how to treat combination skin comes in handy. 

Ensure that you’re using products that remove oil without drying your skin. When it comes to cleansing, a hydrating face wash works wonders to clean skin without leaving it tight or dry. You can try the Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Wash. It is powered by the organic goodness of coconut and neem. Moreover, it is a paraben and sulphate free ayurvedic face wash that also contains virgin king coconut oil. While coconut oil helps in effectively moisturising dry areas, neem helps you get rid of any excess oil. Head over to our blog on dry skin treatment to learn about some dermatologist recommended tips to treat dry skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I balance my combination skin?

    You can balance combination skin by using cleansers that work on reducing oil content in the T-zone while also hydrating the dry areas of your face. To do this, incorporate mild and gentle exfoliators and cleansers in your skincare routine. 

  2. What causes combination skin?

    Combination skin is caused by a number of factors including genetics and the use of skin care products that irritate your skin cells with harsh chemicals, leaving your dry areas flaky and increasing oil content in the T-zone. You can treat combination skin by avoiding harsh skin care products and using gentle and organic products instead.

  3. What does combination skin look like?

    Combination skin can look very dry in some areas of your face but also very oily around your nose, forehead and chin areas. You may also experience flaky and tight skin. Now that you know how to identify combination skin, you can treat it with the help of gentle cleansers and toners that remove oily impurities and replenish your skin.

    Next time a friend asks you ‘What is combination skin?’, you will have all the answers ready! If you have combination skin, you can adjust your skincare routine to accommodate products that will help you balance the dry and oily areas of your combination skin. Choose products that replenish and hydrate your skin while removing excess oil in the T-zone. Switch to gentle ayurvedic skincare products and opt for Coco Soul’s organic products with the goodness of virgin king coconut oil. 


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