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What is Skin Hangover? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

We've all been there; Those fantastic evenings consuming an additional glass of wine while out with companions and having a great time. Well it sounds like the perfect moment until the next morning while waking up with a headache isn't exactly what you had planned. The delight and excitement of  last night is  immediately supplanted by a pulsating migraine and a room that won't quit spinning. 

However, in addition to an irritated head, your skin takes a hit too. You may notice skin irritation and alcohol rashes! Let’s dive into the topic to see what skin hangover really is and how it can affect you.

Girl Upset With Skin

What do you mean by skin hangover? 

On the off chance that you've at any point experienced dried or irritated skin after drinking liquor, it's essential to make a move to minimise the impacts of liquor on your skin. Indeed, you have got hungover skin, alongside the hungover head, stomach, and absence of wellbeing! Read on to find how alcohol can impact your skin and how you can effectively treat skin hangover! 

What causes skin hangovers?

The main and the factual reason behind skin hangover is  the consumption of alcohol.

Drinking liquor ages your skin. No matter what amount you intake and how often you consume alcohol, it all piles up creating a significant impact on your skin overtime. Alcohol likewise adversely affects the vitamin A levels, which is a critical cell reinforcement to assist with battling the indications of ageing. 

Vitamin A is likewise significant in the creation of collagen - which keeps your complexion maintained and looking energetic. It's true that the more you drink, the quicker you'll age. You can read this blog to better understand the importance of vitamins in skincare and what happens to your skin if you lack a certain vitamin.

Woman Drinking Water

Side effects of alcohol on the skin

One of the fundamental impacts of drinking an excessive amount of liquor is a lack of hydration. Inside the body, yet in addition to your skin. Liquor is known to be a diuretic that powers water out of our body, so you can lose a lot of water our skin cells need, leaving skin dried out and dull. In addition to the fact that it loses water out, it can likewise be difficult for your body to cope up with the dehydration all by itself, thereby leaving your skin dry and dull.

Few remedies for alcohol-induced skin hangover

  1. Resort to ice cubes for face 

    A lot of liquor can make your skin puffy. One solution for mitigating hungover skin is to try ice cubes for face. All you have to do is wrap a couple of ice cubes in a neat cloth and apply tenderly to the alcohol rashes and irritation. Rubbing ice on face can bring alleviation and calmness to your delicate skin. Rubbing ice on face may also assist with diminishing your banging headache.
  2. Rehydrate with a facial mask

    Apply the mask, lie back, unwind and permit the hyaluronic corrosive to revive your drained and dried-out hungover skin. It's the ideal tonic for 'the morning after the following night’. Here are some of our favourite coconut oil based face packs to provide intense hydration to your face!
  3. Take a massage

    You might be shocked to realise that a massage can be a splendid solution for a hangover. This increase in blood circulation additionally advances skin recovery. You can try the Coco Soul Virgin Coconut based Oil for Skin that works excellent as a massage oil and is formulated without any toxins. It seeps into your skin to give you ultimate hydration and a dewy glow.

  4. Drink, drink, drink!

    Focus on rehydrating your system with water. Attempt to drink 2 litres of water before you roll into bed. It'll do your skin a lot of good, and will assist with decreasing the puffiness that remains closely connected with hungover skin.

Which are the worst alcoholic drinks for the skin?

  1. Red wine

    Yeah, I would rather not break it to you, yet red wine is essentially the most exceedingly terrible drink for your skin.
  2. Margarita

    Margarita contains a whammy because risky sugar prompts the face to get puffed up.

  3. Beer

    It makes the face look dull and aged with a decrease in the complexion too.


While you’re thinking of ways to cure the hangover, don’t forget to give your skin hangover a thought too. It’s very important to be mindful of the effects alcohol can cause to your skin and your wellbeing but then if you do go overboard, drink a lot of water and you’ll be good. 

Frequently asked questions

  1. What are a few items that can assist with diminishing the impacts of alcohol on the skin?

    Skincare items containing Vitamin A (retinol) empower cell recovery so items containing this make certain to help your skin. Retinol is the most sought after ingredient that assists with lessening the presence of maturing skin, fine lines, and wrinkles.

  2. What kind of alcohol gives skin hangovers?

    White wine is high in sugar, so this will add to breakouts on the skin. Mixed drinks additionally contain elevated degrees of sugar because of the syrups and natural product squeezes that are utilised to make them. Red wine will in general deliver receptors and prompt veins to grow, adding to the redness of the skin.

  3. How rapidly will the adverse effects start to show?

    You can begin to see the liquor's consequences for your skin very quickly - following 24 hours, your skin will start to seem dull and dry.


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