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Are Sweat Spots After Workout Normal? Here Are Few Tips To Avoid Them

Sweating is a nuisance! Couple that with a few more irritants, and you’re left with sweat spots on your skin. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, factors like working out, hot temperatures, spicy food, and over-use of face masks can cause breakouts in your skin. These breakouts aren’t your regular acne spots – they are sweat pimples.

In this article, we’ll unravel what sweat pimples on the face and body mean, what causes them, and how they can be avoided. Keep reading to know how you can say goodbye to those nasty spots, once and for all!

Woman Sweating After Workout

What Are Sweat Pimples On The Face & Are They Normal To Have?

Getting those irritating sweat pimples on your face is a thing, for sure. It is inevitable, whether you regularly exercise or not. Sweat marks on skin are not simply a result of sweating. A combination of sweat, heat, and friction causes sweat pimples. This is because of the clogging of pores on your facial and body skin. If you have acne-prone skin, this article is more important for you to understand how you can prevent these spots. Your acne is aggravated by the salts in sweat, which leads to skin irritation and worsened breakouts.

Woman Resting After Workout

How Does Working Out Cause Sweat Spots On The Skin Or Sweat Pimples?

Working out daily for 30 minutes on the treadmill, or working up a sweat with crossfit, or even an extensive morning yoga routine can lead to perspiration. This makes your  skin come in close contact with bacteria and moisture, which can get trapped in your skin’s pores. Here are some of the causes of sweat spots to keep in mind:

  • When you work out, the blood flow within your body increases. This opens your pores, and if you have any makeup residue particles on your face, the pores could get enlarged. Your pores, clogged with makeup will trap bacteria and sweat, and give you acne.

    Solution: Clean  your face to remove any makeup before you begin your exercise.
  • There are natural oils present in the hair and if they touch your skin, they encourage fungal growth. This also leads to acne breakouts.

    Solution: Pull your hair back and don’t let it fall on your face while you work out.
  • The equipment you use  can also transfer germs, dirt, and grime to your skin. This includes the workout equipment in your gym, your yoga mat, headphones or earphones, cycling helmets, and swimming goggles.

    Solution: Clean your equipment well, before and after your workout to ensure oil, dirt, and bacteria is removed.
  • Tight athleisure can make you feel confident, comfortable, and ready for a session of exercise. But your skin is paying the price when moisture gets trapped, close to your skin in this tight clothing, thus flaring up your acne.

    Solution: Wear loose, moisture-absorbing clothes when you work out, to avoid the sweat from getting trapped into your skin.
  • Post the workout, you tend to stay in your workout clothes to allow your body to relax, which can make the sweat clog your pores!

    Solution: Change out of your sweaty athleisure and jump into a cold shower after your workout. This will cleanse your skin off any dirt, oil, and bacteria that’s left on your skin.
Woman Working Out Sweating

Avoid Sweat Pimples: An Easy Guide To Sweat Spots Treatment

Here are some measures you can take to protect your skin and prevent sweat pimples:

    • Cleanse your face before the workout: To gently, softly clean away impurities, makeup residue and dirt, you can use a mild face wash like the Coco Soul Revitalizing Face Cleanser. The following ingredients make this product ideal for a soothing cleanse before your workout:
    • Gotukola: It is an organic herb and a hero ingredient that fights sagging skin by promoting collagen production.
    • Neem: A miracle plant used in Ayurveda for centuries, neem is loaded with vitamin E. It is instrumental in removing pigmentation and delivering blemish-free skin. Additionally, its anti-ageing properties are perfect for giving you smooth and younger-looking skin.
    • Natural Coconut based Oil: Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom calls it the ‘elixir' that hydrates our skin. It is loaded with natural antioxidants and good fats that nurture the skin, fight dryness, and promote cellular repair
    • You can also follow these pre and post workout skincare routines to help you maintain the best skin while you live an active lifestyle.

    • Avoid touching your face during the workout: A common habit while working out is to wipe off your facial sweat with your hands. This could be on the treadmill, cycle, or even when you’re on the floor mat. The bacteria, oil, or dirt from your hands get transferred to your face, which worsens acne. The solution? Always keep a small napkin or hand towel with you, while you exercise, to wipe off the sweat from your face.

    • Use a natural body wash to shower after the workout: A shower gel with nature-derived ingredients will not be harsh on your skin. After a workout, you should cleanse your skin with a soothing shower gel, and Coco Soul’s 100% vegan, organic one is the ideal choice. Here’s why:
    • Powered with the Ayurvedic goodness of Virgin Coconut Oil, turmeric, and gotukola.
    • Coconut oil promotes cellular repair and penetrates ten layers deep into the skin, to restore lost moisture and repairs dry and damaged skin.
    • Turmeric has antibacterial and antifungal properties that provide glow and luster to the skin.
    • Gotukola has anti-ageing properties, and it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face by promoting collagen production.
    • It is a Made Safe certified product, which makes it the safest choice for your skin.

    • Exfoliate two times in the week: This is a good habit you can form to make sure dead skin cells are removed from your skin every week, allowing your skin to replenish itself. Try this natural exfoliating scrub for best results:

        Inspired and created using natural herbs, the all-natural Coco Soul Face Scrub is like a gentle kiss on your skin. It is enriched with ayurvedic healing ingredients like virgin coconut based oil, venivel, and sandalwood. These organic ingredients work together to gently unclog your pores and purge your skin of impurities. Use this natural face scrub daily to achieve clearer, softer, and even-toned skin.

        Now that you now how to deal with sweaty skin, take a look at how to treat sweaty hair after a workout or even just a particularly hot day out!

        Frequently Asked Questions on Sweat Spots (FAQs)

        1. Do sweat spots go away?

          Yes,  sweat spots can go away once and for all if you take the right measures to prevent them from occurring. There are certain steps to take before, during, and after a workout, which can prevent these sweat pimples from showing up.

        2. What causes sweat spots?

          What is workout sweat? It is water that is released by our sweat glands to cool our skin, when our body temperature increases as we exercise. It traps bacteria and dirt in your skin’s upper layer. This is how sweat spots are created.

        3. How to get rid of sweat pimples? How to prevent them?

          Cleansing before a workout, not touching your face while you work out, and showering right after your workout is how to get rid of sweat spots – the key factors of sweat spots’ treatment.


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