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Hair Care Blogs

Advantages Of Coconut based Hair Oil For Hair

Be it as a hot oil massage or as an ingredient in your favourite products, virgin coconut based oil is something that is recommended by beauty gurus and hairstylists alike. ...

What is Haircare? 

Flaunting gorgeous, voluminous, and ‘straight out of the salon’ hair is a dream for most of us. And to achieve those envious locks, we are willing to invest in expensive shampoos, dozens of serums, and the cult favourite heat styling tools. But what about hair care? Frequent styling and exposure to chemical-laden products, coupled with pollution, sun damage, dietary factors, change in hormones, etc., can lead to dull, damaged and lifeless hair.   Hence, hair care and maintaining a good routine should be your priority. However, the secret to healthy hair lies much deeper. Quite literally! Haircare is personal and not every method works for all hair types. That is why we have curated these hair care blogs that include celeb-approved tips, easy DIYs, expert advice and more to help you take care of your hair. Read on to know more about our special edition of hair care blogs.

Ayurvedic Hair care: Products laden with toxic chemicals might help you achieve your hair goals, but it’s definitely no match in front of the home remedies, prepared using products readily available in our kitchen. 

Hair Problems & Benefits: Most of us are guilty of binge-watching videos on how to stop hair problems, only to be lost in the doubts of the authenticity of these posts, videos. How about you leave it to the experts? Go through our hair care blogs that are carefully curated by the beauty experts that explain in detail the various hair concerns you’re possibly struggling with and ways to tackle them.

Hair Care Regimen: The hair care game has changed a lot and isn’t restricted to a simple champi alone! But if you’re still living under an imaginary rock, you’ve come to the right place! Lucky for you, we’ve got some tried, tested, and well-researched (so you don’t have to) ways to boost your hair care regimen. Say hello to healthy hair as you read and follow (religiously) the hair care routine and ways to have a good hair day, every single day.

Life Events: Bad hair days spare no one. Have you ever gotten an invite to a party and found yourself praying to the hair Gods to favour you and not mess things up? Well, we all have gone through days where our hair just won’t set without you emptying an entire bottle of the setting spray. For days like these, we have lined up a plethora of hair care blogs that will help you style your hair like a boss and make heads turn with your flawless hair, instead of cancelling at the last minute. 

FAQs on Hair Care:

  1. Where can I learn more about hair care?

    Haircare is ever-evolving and it takes many trials and errors to know what works best for us. Once you have found what works for you, the journey to naturally healthy hair gets easier. Be updated with expert advice on your hair concerns and follow through. Coco Soul understands the nitty-gritty of hair care and stays upbeat with the latest trends, and what are the ways to achieve your healthy hair goals.

  2. How to take care of your hair?

    In the world of amazing looking blowouts and crazy colour dyes, there is a higher chance of your hair being a mess. It is easier to tackle problems once you identify them.

    Understand your hair concerns and follow a routine tailored to combat hair problems.

    Avoid harsh chemicals and switch to natural, organic, and Ayurvedic alternatives.

    Know that any hair care routine takes time to show results. So, be patient!

    Read a few hair care blogs that will keep you informed about new hair hacks and trends from the experts. 

  3. How can I get healthy hair?

    The easier way to revive some damaged strands is to make some big changes. Eating healthy meals filled with vitamins, switching to natural hair products, avoiding excessive heat styling, and more are some ways to kickstart your journey towards healthy hair. 


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